Happy Holidays!!!

To: Our Amazing Clients, Our Loyal Blog Readers, Our Patient Families, Our Supportive Friends, our Kick-Ass Vendors and to everyone who has touched us this past year...Happy Holidays from the Photogen Inc Crew! We hope you have a fabulous holiday and enjoy all of the food, wine and fellowship we are bound to have! You have made 2010 one of the best years ever, so CHEERS to you!!



Get Pumped Up! Elevate 2011!

eliesa proofs 097.jpg Dear Lovely Friends,

Things are coming together and my first-ever-big-workshop is quickly approaching! I could honestly not be more excited about this opportunity and I am beyond thrilled with all of the wonderful attendees who have signed up thus far!

As I'm writing this, I'm working from a Noodles & Co, putting together some presentation notes before I head off to a shoot and I felt compelled to write a little something to you all!

For the past few weeks, I've LIVED Elevate! I've been promoting it, writing endless e-mails, facebook messages and tweets about all of the exciting things to come! However, I also feel like I'm bombarding people with information that they can't comprehend  - or are currently overloaded by the vast amount of workshops that are being offered right now, all by fabulous photographers! So, hopefully, this little letter will be a more honest approach to get my message across, because I'm sounding like a walking advertisement - even to myself!


Elevate is a workshop for advanced wedding photographers, that is taking place Jan 10-13th at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs! I've been dreaming up this workshop for quite a long time and I am THRILLED that it's finally going to happen!

The point of the workshop is all about how to elevate ourselves to the next level! There are many workshops out there for beginners, but once you get the basics, where do you go from there? We will be talking in depth about many topics including:

Conceptual Shooting Wedding Photographer vs Photographer Inspiration Collaboration Marketing Having a Staff - or not, which is better for you!

We will also be having a business panel full of amazing people, including Richard Photo Lab, Isabella Sikaffy, who is a premier wedding planner/designer, Matt Brue, who is the amazing mind behind Capture Studios, and Jen from Jens Blossoms, who is a fabulous florist! This panel is composed of people from all different realms of the wedding world and we are going to dive into various conversation and really think about how we can all work together to make our work even more amazing!

Our shooting challenges will also be amazing! We will be doing an underwater shoot, one location shoot and also a night time shoot! Think of these as 'Project Runway' challenges, with the winners receiving some AMAZING prizes! Our prizes include 1 year of FREE service from Shoot Q, a Complete Red Cart ($999) Value, H20 Creative album design templates & SEO tutorials and more! We will also be giving away one-on-one mentor sessions with each of our guest speakers!!

WHOA - that's a lot, right? RIGHT! I've been to so many amazing workshops, seminars, etc, that my one goal, overall, is to give one unforgettable experience! Everything from the content to the shooting opportunities, to our AMAZING guest speakers and location is OFF THE HOOK!

I know that one concern that many of you have concerns money, it always does! From my personal experience, every time I have wanted to attend a workshop and didn't know if I could swing it, I've proven to myself that that is just about the time when I need it the most! To those of you out there who are concerned with money, I get it! However, I encourage you to really think about the value that Elevate could bring to your business, the inspiration to grow bigger - and the knowledge to do so!! I've heard a lot of 'I Wish' comments out there, so this is my call to action for you! It's the holidays, and 2011 - a new year and a new season - will be here before we know it! Take the plunge, take the risk, get uncomfortable and allow yourself the freedom to explore and grow...it's a beautiful thing!

We are running a special, so the next 7 people who sign up will receive $200 off, which brings the total workshop tuition to $1175! This INCLUDES your workshop fee, your 3 night stay at the Ace Hotel AND your breakfast and lunch! It's one AMAZING deal of a workshop! The deadline to sign up is January 1st!

For more information, visit the Elevate website: http://www.photogen-inc.com/workshop

If you are ready to join us, Sign Up Here!

 We would love to see you there! Please let me know if you have any other questions!


PNW Trip: Day 2!

The thing I love about my friendship with Sara and Scott is that there is simply just non-stop-ridiculous-laughter whenever we are all together! And it absolutely never fails that we make some amazing memories together! For a more in-depth-explanation of this, head over to Sara's blog! Our adventures took us down to Oregon, where we all stayed on a house boat one night, on the Columbia River which was super fun!! Our journey continued the next morning in pouring rain, to Cannon Beach. Now, let me preface by saying that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Cannon Beach and take pictures! I had these grand visions of all the images I would take - and those all went out the window, once we realized just how crappy the weather was. However, that didn't stop us from making one long hard effort to get some images! They might now be as grandiose as I planned, but they are absolutely AMAZING, never the less! 30mph winds and pouring rain can't stop us!!

Despite the weather, this trip was absolutely perfect! in fact, the weather simply added to the fun! We definitely have some new stories to tell..."Remember that time we went to Cannon Beach..."


Here's to great friends and fantastic adventures!


PNW Trip: Day 1!

This past weekend was SO much fun! I traveled out to Tacoma...otherwise known as Tacompton, to see one of my bestest friends ever, Ms. Sara Montour!! Now, if you follow any of my Twitter of Facebook updates, I'm constantly talking about this girl, so our friendship is quite hard to miss! I also met some new friends who have an AMAZING little business and make some really cool art! I've decided that mini-vacations are more than necessary, if anything, just taking some time to explore and experience something new! The first day in Tacoma, we spent time hiking up the beach and decided to bring along our cameras...



2010 Photogen Inc. Holiday Party!!!

I love my team SO much! I mean, so so SO much!We've seemed to have grown exponentially and we are stronger than ever! With more people, it's hard to get everyone together in one place, at the same time, so last night was a real treat!

Our holiday parties always consist of food, drink, and a little Secret Santa exchange...not to mention the all-mighty-holiday-card-signing-assembly-line!

Here are some images off of the Instax from last night!



Alisha and Dan: Engaged!

I love Dan and Alisha's story. They are a perfect example of how fate, the Universe - you name it, bring together the perfect match! Alisha grew up all over the world, but mostly in Dubai, while Dan was raised in small town Minnesota! About a year and a half ago, Dan signed on to Match.com didn't really have any luck. He was about to shut down his account when he received a letter from Alisha. One more date, he thought. Little did he know that by taking that chance, this would be THE date that he would meet his future wife! I have to give it up for these two as well - they braved the cold for their winter engagement session, which, in my opinion, was totally worth it!

Congratulations to Alisha and Dan on their engagement!


Erin & Maleah: Couple Session!

I absolutely love it when people get their photographs taken, simply just to have images of themselves! It's something that I don't think we value, overall, enough in today's world! When I got Maleah's e-mail a few weeks ago, I fell in love with her vision. She is at one of the most exciting times of her life. She's in a great relationship and she's about 4 months pregnant with her first child! To simply put it- this is one happy and glowing woman! Maleah and Erin wanted to document this time in their lives, with a photo session and it was SO much fun! I loved this session, because yes- she's pregnant, but it wasn't a maternity session. And yes, this couple is happily in love, but this wasn't an engagement session! This was simply a session to celebrate! You might recognize Erin, since he has a pretty cool job playing football for the Minnesota Vikings - and he also has a big secret! Erin is the only person who knows the gender of their baby! The couple will be throwing a big bash in a couple of weeks, where Erin will officially announce - to Maleah and all of their family and friends - if they will be having a boy or a girl! How fun is that?!?!?!?


Congratulations to Maleah and Erin on expecting your new little addition and thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives and getting to know you! You are one stunningly beautiful couple!


ELEVATE WORKSHOP - Dealine Extended!

Hello Friends!I'm happy to announce that the deadline to sign up for the Elevate Workshop has been extended! You will now have until Saturday, January 1st to register to be with us in Palm Springs!

Again, the official dates of the workshop are January 10-13th and we will be at the OH-so-Fabulous Ace Hotel!

We also have 7 seats available from our special promotion we are running! The next 7 people to sign up for Elevate will receive $200 off their tuition price! That is one AMAZING deal!

As always - make sure to visit the Elevate Website for more fancy details!

Elevate Workshop photo

Hope to see you in Palm Springs!!LOVEe

ELEVATE Promotion!!!

Update!!! We have 7 seats available for the $200 off promotion! The deadline to sign up is December 1st - so there are only 2 days left to register!!! Reserve your spot today, we would LOVE to have you in Palm Springs!


You've talked and we've listened!

I am SUPER excited to offer one FABULOUS promotion for the whole Cyber-Monday Craze!

The Next 7 People who sign up for Elevate will receive $200 off their tuition!! ALSO...

Many of you have expressed interest in traveling and experiencing Elevate with a friend! The Bring-A-Friend promotion offers a little incentive for you to make this dream a reality!

For every friend that you get to register for Elevate, you receive $100 off per friend!

So, lets say you have 4 friends who want to come...you can potentially get an additional $400 off!!


The BIG promotion for $200 off is only offered to the next 10 attendees who sign up, so GO GO GO GO GO  and sign up NOW!!! 

It doesn't get any better than this!

For more information about Elevate, check out the workshop website!!

Ready to sign up! Welcome to Elevate!

And of course, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions to workshop@photogen-inc.com

Happy Shopping!!!


Mr. and Mrs. Von Ruden!!

Every client is different for me and I really try and wrap my head around each of their days! Not only do the couple's choice of venue, style, and personality come into play, but also the time of year and - most importantly - the overall vibe I get from them! Sarah and Anthony have always stuck me as one of those couples who are truly classic and timeless. Since they booked, I kept thinking about The Kennedy's wedding and how I could use that as a source of inspiration! Sarah and Rudy's wedding took place at The Landmark Center, which is an incredibly historical spot in St Paul. Mix that with Sarah's gorgeous lace dress and their never-ending beauty and they were simply stunning on their wedding day! As I was processing these images, I just fell in love with every image a little bit more when it was in black and white! They have an energy and mood to them when processed this way vs color, SO...this entire blog post is in B&W...bold, I know!;0) Sarah and Rudy's also marked the LAST wedding of our 2010 season and it was quite the finale - and the perfect end to one amazing year of weddings!

I hope you love these as much as I do!


Congratulations to Sarah and Anthony on your AMAZING wedding day! I am SO happy for the both of you!


Collin Hughes

I feel like we have been working on so many behind-the-scenes things here at Photogen Inc. and we are announcing them all at once!
It came time to update my personal photos again - I like to keep these fresh and fun! My last images were done by Angelica Glass, and I loved them! When it came time to choose a photographer to continue my promo images and resonate the vibe I wanted to give - there was only one person that came to mind, and that is Collin! Collin is a great friend of mine, which is awesome, but I truly am SUCH a huge fan of his work! His images are filled with honesty and an energy that I just love!

Collin posted a preview of our shoot on his blog - check it out!

Collin - thank you for being SO amazing at what you do and an even more awesome friend! Much love!

eliesa proofs 131web.jpg

eliesa proofs 132_2web.jpg

eliesa proofs 134_2web.jpg LOVEe


The ELEVATE site is LIVE! Over the past couple of weeks, I have really poured everything I have into getting ready to announce this workshop to our industry! Late nights, long days, a zillion phone calls - you name it! However, I am SO SO SO excited about how things have shaped up for this workshop and this is only the beginning!

Elevate is all about taking you business, your art, your personal style, your relationships and your bookings to the next level. This is a workshop that is all about taking the amazing business you have already created and learning how you can make it stronger and rise to it's potential!

I am thrilled to finally announce the official website of ELEVATE!

January 10-13, 2011

The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

Elevate is an advanced wedding photography workshop that is going way beyond the basics! My goal for this workshop is to create an environment that is incredibly inspiring! I am just swooning over our location, which is at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA! .

The official site has all of the in-depth info you will need to learn about this workshop!

I hope to see you in Palm Springs!


Elevate 2.jpg

Announcing: ELEVATE // Pre-Registration is OPEN!

YEAH!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! I am thrilled to finally announce ELEVATE!

January 10-13, 2011

The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

I have been talking about hosting a big workshop for about 2 years now and I am beyond exciting that we are actually doing this - and I am even more excited about how many incredible people are going to be a part of this workshop!

I have been to many, many amazing workshops over the years - all of which I have learned SO much valuable information from! However, in the past year, I've been frustrated, because I have felt that there is a lack of education for those of us who have been in the industry for a while and run successful businesses.Hence, Elevate was born!

Elevate is an advanced wedding photography workshop that is going way beyond the basics! My goal for this workshop is to create an environment that is incredibly inspiring! I am just swooning over our location, which is at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA!

We are going to have pool parties. We are going to open up our minds. We are going to eat really good food! We are going to go on a bike ride. We are going to critique. We are going to meet new friends. We are going to see old friends. We are going to sweat the small stuff. We are going to take pictures. We are going to have amazing conversation. We are going to collaborate. We are going to have SO much fun. We are going to grow.

Elevate is all about taking you business, your art, your personal style, your relationships and your bookings to the next level. This is a workshop that is all about taking the amazing business you have already created and learning how you can make it stronger and rise to it's potential!

Pre-registration is open for the next 5 days - November 17th!!

To pre-register or request more information, please visit the ELEVATE site!

(You will also see that the official website will launch in 5 days - we just thought we would tease you a little bit first!)


Kelsey and James: Engaged!!

Kelsey and James are one chill couple! I love when I meet people who resonate with me and we can totally vibe off of each other! I first met Kelsey about a year ago when she was a personal attendant at the McCullough's wedding! We fell in love with each other and then....I got the call that she was engaged! Kelsey and James have a love story that makes you believe in fate/destiny/etc! Kelsey was in college when she met James, who was actually her TA...so basically, he was her teacher! Scandalous, I know...and I like it! James knew he had to wait to finish the class before he could really pursue her, but literally - the minute that her final was turned it - he asked her out! These two have been together, ever since...


Congratulations to Kelsey and James on their engagement!


Mr. and Mrs. Lund!!

Kristi and Ande had a SMASHIN' wedding day! That's right... a smashin', bangin' hootin' and hollerin' wedding day!! I suppose what I'm trying to say is that their entire day was simply SO much freakin' fun for absolutely everyone involved! I have personally been looking forward to this couple's wedding day for quite some time and it was just as fabulous as I had imagined!Their event took place at The Mill City Museum and I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite florists in town, Skinner Jones! One of the things that I LOVED about their  wedding were the bridesmaid dresses! I know - usually they are hit and miss, but these dresses were a BIG hit! It was a one-size-fits-all-no-alterations-and-you-can-wear-them-a-million-different-ways-dress! Absolutely each and every one of Kristi's ladies looked FANTASTIC in these dresses! The other major high light for me was the music! Ande and Kristi actually met each other for the first time when they had roles in their highschool musical! Their love for music carried on over the years and they had THE best live band - The Soul Tight Committee at their reception! Seriously...they were jaw dropping good!

A HUUUGE congratulations goes out to Kristi and Ande on their amazingly-over-the-top-fun wedding! You are a couple that I admire very, very much! Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your big day!


Lisa + Stephen by Capture Studios!

You all know that I am a big advocate for collaborating with other artists and when it comes to having video on your wedding day, there is no one better than Capture Studios! Lisa and Stephen had an AMAZING Vietnamese and American wedding earlier this summer! I fell in love with this couple and just HAD to share their fabulous video clip!Stephen + Lisa // The Depot from capture studios on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend!