Mrs. and Mrs. Newquist // Part 2!

There's something very magical in the air at a same sex wedding. I mean, really, everything is the same, yet it's different. In a wedding with a bride and a groom, photographers usually tend to favor a little more coverage of the bride over the groom. When photographing a same sex wedding, you have two brides or two grooms and as an artist, you have to look at things a little differently and treat the couple more equal. It was actually a great eye-opening experience working with two brides, and it made us change some things around the studio (ie - suggesting that the forms we use have the option to say Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom and not just Bride & Groom).

The most inspiring thing for me while photographing this wedding, and the one difference that stuck out to me the most while documenting this day, was the total shift in energy. Not only were people very exited about the wedding, but the purpose and meaning behind this wedding meant a lot more. Alyson and Jesse were not only choosing to commit themselves to each other, but the idea of marriage, pre-leagalization in Minnesota, meant so much more to them. They were choosing love over the law. They were choosing to live out their civil rights as a couple and sending an inspiring message to their family, friends and everyone who was involved (and have since seen) their wedding. Marriage means more to Alyson and Jesse than I've seen in a lot of couples and I think the difference is this: They were not getting married, because 'that was the next step in their life'. They were not getting married, 'Because it seemed like the thing they should do.'  They were getting married, because they truly believed that they wanted to spend, share and commit their lives to one another - regardless of their sex, regardless of what was deemed acceptable by society, and regardless of what any of their friends and family thought, they simple wanted marriage. I do believe that marriage means so much more to the gay community. These are couples who have fought, and continue to fight, for their right to love openly and be committed legally to their partners. It's an absolutely beautiful thing to both witness and be a part of same sex weddings, because it's a true victory for everyone involved.

If you are interested in finding out more about what people are doing in Minnesota to fight for marriage equality check out OutFront Minnesota. Minnesota is currently facing a "marriage amendment" that will be on the ballots in November asking voters to define marriage as between a man and a woman. If this ballot initiative passes, it will bar legislature or the courts from passing marriage equality in the future. Check out Minnesotan's United to find out what Minnesotan's are doing to fight against the marriage amendment. The HRC -Human Rights Campaign is a great place to look for information on other states' fights for marriage equality.

Alyson & Jesse's wedding ceremony was one of the most pure and honest moments I have seen as a wedding photographer. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

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Again, a huge thank you goes out to all of our fabulous vendors - really, a creative team, that helped Alyson and Jesse pull off such an incredibly beautiful day! To see our list of vendors, check out Mrs. and Mrs. Newquist // Part 1. Also thanks to Minnesota Bride for publishing this wedding, the first same sex wedding published in Minnesota!

Cheers to being with the one you love!


Mrs. and Mrs. Newquist // Part 1

Alyson and Jesse have such an incredible story.These two met back in 2006 while both were living and working in Brooklyn, NYC. When they started dating, they agreed only to go on 20 dates and that would be that. Clearly, they grew to love each other far too much to simply let each other walk away, and ever since then, they have been Alyson and Jesse. One of the things I admire about their relationship though, is the fact that they are very much so still their very own independent people, as well as an amazing force together! The couple traveled from coast to coast before finally settling down in Minneapolis.

When they started looking for wedding venues, they couldn't ever quite find exactly what they were looking for. Around the same time, Alyson & Jesse started kicking around a crazy idea..."What if we created our own dream venue for our wedding and also created a space where other people could use this for their weddings in the future?" Here's the thing about Alyson and Jesse. When they set their mind to something, they are all in and they will create something amazing and solid. From that point on, Juliane and James Place was officially born, which is now one of Minnesota's newest wedding venue's available for rent!

I first met Alyson at Joynoelle's shop. Joy was having a little get together and I just happened to pop in. When I walked thru the door, I remember Joy saying,"Oh hi Eliesa! We were just talking about you!" Alyson and I chatted for about 3 minutes and it was clear that she was my perfect client and I was totally on board with photographing her wedding! It was literally, a perfect match. Alyson started rattling a list of all of these ideas she had and on top of that, her and Jesse would be wearing custom Joynoelle dresses....I mean, it took all of me to not jump up and down right there and it just kept getting better and better!

Alyson and Jesse literally brought together a dream team of vendors, who I must recognize for helping create these gorgeous images below...

Location // Juliane James Place Bridal Gowns // Joynoelle Flowers // Munster Rose Set up and Day-Of Coordination // Laura Mullen Event Design Catering // New Scenic Cafe French Macaroons & Cupcakes // Cupcake Carmel by Sweets Bakeshop Bridesmaid Dresses // Amsale and Jenny Yoo from Flutter Boutique Best Man Attire // Calvin Klein Wedding Design, Stationary Design, Favors & Bridal Accessories // The Bash Collective

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There are SO many more images to show from this wedding, so check Part 2 of Alyson and Jesse's big day! Also thanks to Minnesota Bride for publishing this wedding, the first same sex wedding published in Minnesota!


Lighting 101 MINNeSHOP Recap!

Last week, we hosted a MINNeSHOP and the topic this time was all about Lighting 101! This was a two-day mini-workshop that was SO much fun! We had the best group of photographers sign up!Day 1 took place at the 331 Club, one of the best (and darkest) bars in town. This was the perfect location to practice using our speed lights! Reception lighting is hard, especially when you never know what the lighting situation will really be when it comes to venues. Some have gorgeous natural light with white walls and other, well, are simply dark black holes. As professionals, it’s up to us to create gorgeous images, regardless of the situation, and we can never practice enough! Day 2 was all about studio lighting! We hung out at 514 Studios for the day and set up various lighting stations where the attendees could practice their little hearts out and mainly, see the difference between various lighting techniques!

It was two days filled with cocktails, learning and a hell of a lot of fun! Below are some fun images from the fabulous attendees!

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MINNeSHOPS are designed to be mini-workshops, centered around a specific topic. I hold these a few times each year and I just love hosting them! We are always looking to hear from photographers on what you would be interested in learning at a future MINNeSHOP! If you have any suggestions, feel free to e-mail me:


Published // The Knot Magazine

Being published is always on my list of things-to-do, and always something I strive for when photographing a wedding! Wedding magazines usually all run on the same schedule and we’ve been very lucky to be published in all of Minnesota’s wedding publications this year, including Minnesota Bride and Minneapolis/St. Paul Weddings. I’m super pumped to add The Knot to that roster and this issue features Stephen & Lisa’s AMAZING multicultural wedding! Their wedding was SO good in fact, that we had to present it in a two-part feature on our own blog (Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here!) Not only was their wedding gorgeous, but we also had the extreme pleasure of working with our friends over at Capture Studios during their wedding! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show off their gorgeous wedding video as well!
Ceremony: Our Lady of Victory Chapel, St Paul Reception: The Depot Minneapolis Gown: Bridal Accents Couture Makeup: Smart & Chic Bride Bridesmaid Dresses: Custom made in Vietnam Flowers: Richfield Floral DJ: DJ Thise, 5000 Live Entertainment Favors: Lets Do Wine and Beer Invitations: Custom made in Vietnam Film: Capture Studios Photography: Photogen Inc.

i-3d7416cedf6f899f7ea79a17a0151cac-Knot Cover.jpg


Clayton & Lydia: Engaged!

Oh, I'm not even sure where to start with this one! I would love to introduce you all to one of our 2012 clients, Clayton & Lydia! The groom and I go wayyyyy back. Like he probably-has-some-of-the-most-embarassing-photos-of-me-ever-from-my-childhood back. Clayton and I grew up in the same church together, which was a very small group of people. Our youth group was composed of probably less than 10 people, and we were all quite the tight-knit-group back in the day. He was definitely a part of a core group of people I grew up with, and as life went on, I lost touch with him over the years. A few months ago, I received a facebook message that Clayton had met the woman of his dreams and he wanted to know if I would be their, yes!!!

It's kind of interesting, being in the position I am now, because I've photographed several couples from my hometown. Some of them whom I was friends with, others who I was simple acquaintances, but it never fails to amaze me how years after we have all grown out of our hometown, we all end up back in the same place, together again.

It has been SO cool to see Clayton and Lydia together and get to know them as a couple. He has truly found his match in this beautiful lady and I am SO happy for them! They are hilarious together, and have the same sense of humor, which is pretty fun to be around. These two met on, and the irony of it all is that Lydia was going to delete her profile the same day that Clayton messaged her for a date..."Ok," She thought, "One last date and then I'm DONE with this...." Good thing! That one-last-date turned into forever!

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Congratulations to Clayton and Lydia on their engagement! These two will be married later this spring and I can't wait for their day...think classic cars, barns and woods! YES!


The Oscars & Weddings // My Winners List!

Ok, this might be a little cheezy, but as I was watching the Oscars last night, I was thinking…Who in our industry would win these categories, if applied to Wedding & Portrait Photography? I had a little fun with this and put together my ‘Winners List’, hoping to simply share some people’s work that I’ve seen and been utterly inspired by!Best Picture: Mario Testino for Kate Moss’s Wedding in Vogue(If you haven’t seen all of the images, you definitely should.)

Photographer (Male) in a Leading Role: Max Wagner


Photographer (Male) in Supporting Role: Allan Zepeda (Allan works super hard on the Mel & Co Team in NYC. I’ve had the pleasure of having him assist me as well, and he is stellar.)


Photographer (Female) in Leading Role: Elizabeth Messina (Her work is the most beautiful, lovely, bridal photography ever. It’s simply the best.)


Photographer (Female) in Supporting Role: Lacie Hansen (Lacie is best known for being the right-hand-lady to Mr. Jose, but she has some killer work on her own!)


Best Editing: Angelica Glass


Costume Design: Jennifer B. Hudson


Documentary Feature: Riccis


Film Editing: John Dolan


Visual Effects: Ashley Lebedev


Humanitarian Award: Paper Antler & The Fifty Nifty Project (Seriously, the coolest mission ever.)

Paper Antler.jpg

Hopefully you all discovered someone new!

Here’s to Monday, have a great week!


European Journey // Amalfi Coast Part 2

I'm currently back at home, in the studio, writing you all this final blog post of my European adventures! I have to admit, it's nice being back in my space, with my fast internet and I have a new appreciation for my little world I live in here in Minneapolis. It's always so exciting to travel to far away lands, but this city never fails to come home to.

This post is one of my favorites. On this trip, the most amount of time was spent in a little coastal Italian town called Amalfi. Amalfi is gorgeous. It's breathtaking. No picture will ever be able to do it justice. February is definitely smack dab in the middle of the 'slow season' for this town. Amalfi thrives on the summer, with tourists flocking to their amazing beaches, so when it's slow, no one seems to care about the tourists and because of this, I was able to observe and see what this little town is really like, when all of the glitz and glamour is on hold.

Amalfi is simply enchanting and it's everything you expect it to be for a small Italian village. Laundry is hung to dry on the lines, and everyone lunches and naps for a good portion of the afternoon. The shops close down and the locals gather in their homes. The men sit outside of their bars and smoke endless amounts of cigarettes while the women walk with their shopping carts to the markets to buy fresh produce. Life is slow, the waves are crashing and everyone is content. One afternoon I bought a TON of spiced, fresh olives from the market for only 1 Euro and sat and ate them on the rocks, a simple pleasure that was so amazing. Another day, I slept 9 whole hours to the sounds of the was a perfect place for rest.

Most of these photos feature the colors and textures of the town. I posted some of my favorite portraits, entitled The People of Amalfi over on my commercial blog. It's a great little post and I got a bit personal with it as well, so I encourage you all to check it out!

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Going on this trip was everything I hoped it would be! I indulged in food, in wine, in rest and in simply wandering with my camera, which was exactly what I needed.

I hope you've enjoyed all of this! It's been so much fun to share and hear your responses!

Have an awesome weekend!


European Journey // Amalfi Coast Part 1

The next part of my vacation took me to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Now, I honestly didn't know much about this place when I booked it...I had just heard that it was gorgeous! It was more than gorgeous, it was simply stunning.

When I booked this entire trip, which was just a few weeks ago, my mission was to literally get away. To relax, eat Italian food, drink local wine and experience a culture I never had before. I am most inspired when I am in a new place and space. I looooooove soaking up 'real life' in a new culture and Amalfi was about as local as I could get. It's not particularly easy to get to, it's about a 3 hour train ride from Rome and then another hour by bus (and I must mention, if you have motion out!). The roads are nothing but sharp turns and switchbacks, but little by little I was transported into this very enchanting world called Amalfi.

My first day there, I spent doing absolutely nothing. It had been go-go-go in my travels so far, so I slept in and went on a bit of a day hike down to the beach. I didn't really come prepared for hiking and it was still quite chilly out, but it was well worth the walk to completely decompress, relax and take in all of the beauty around me!

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More on the town of Amalfi in my next post!


European Journey // Rome, Part 1

The saying goes, " When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do"...I kind of feel like this is the same statement along the lines of, " What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Maybe I thought that Rome was going to be a much more lively place, but I was pleasantly surprised by this city. It's a big city, yet much much smaller than I thought it was by map. You can walk literally EVERYWHERE in a short amount of time, and also see so many of the sights along the way! Many people told me about 2-3 days was the perfect amount of time to spend here and I couldn't agree more.

Of course, when we were landing into Rome, as the plane descended through the clouds, I had pictured some super green rolling hills and olive or wine vineyards,  and really, there was just a ton of snow. Turns out, Rome had just experienced the biggest amount of snowfall in 25 years. The city was basically shut down due to the weather, even though, by Minnesota standards, that meant nothing. I had really wanted to rent a moped during my stay here and no one was renting, for fear of snow. Restaurants and bars were shutting down early, but I was perfectly happy with exploring all that was available, which were mostly the sights.

Rome is an ancient beauty and there is so much history. I learned a few things while I was there, such as a traditional style of pizza is not just served as one big pie, but also on more of a thicker, Focaccia bread, which is sold by the weight-of-the-cut you choose to buy. The city is also divided by the canals and it's pretty incredible how instantly, you are transported into another 'vibe' of the city. For instance, in the central, there's the big shopping streets, the Colosseum, and just a big hub of energy all around. Then, when you walk over the bridge to the Trastevere neighborhood, it's instantly way more quiet and charming, with very narrow cobblestone roads and tiny little establishments. I liked this place the best.

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Tomorrow, I'm actually headed back to Rome for one more night and I'm hoping to hit up a specific restaurant that has been a dream of mine to visit. Fingers crossed, it has an open table. Then I'm off to Amsterdam for one more day before heading back to the states!

The next stop of this adventure is along the Amalfi Coast of Italy...stay tuned! :0)


European Journey // Amsterdam

Hello Friends!

I'm currently sitting seaside on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, where the water is turquoise blue and even though it is too cold to swim, the sounds of the waves alone are enough to relax. The sun is coming in hot through the window and I have the tiniest bit of an internet connection, so I thought I would do a little bit of blogging.

I decided to take this trip a few weeks ago. No real plans, just meeting my friend in Amsterdam and then traveling onto Italy. It's been quite fun! In true Eliesa fashion, within hours of landing in Amsterdam, I lost 100 Euro (literally, it's like a $100 bill went poof, lost...), my converter didn't work with my hair dryer, so I not only blew that up, but I also blew all of the fuses in the flat, you know - all klutzy little things that happen to me on a daily basis.

My time in Amsterdam was quite short, but very fun! It was freezing, like seriously cold, but I'm from Minnesota, so I could handle it, right?!? This whole trip has actually been on the chilly side, so I've been living in jackets and hats, but I'll also take 30, 40 or 50 degrees over 1 degree any day! Amsterdam is adorable. The city is made for biking, which I love, but I also felt like I got the chance to experience life from a 'local' stand point. I stayed in an apartment with some new-found-friends and we went to the market to get ingredients for dinner, which cooking is one of my all-time-favorite things to do, so I was very happy about staying in! I learned that one of the Dutch have a huge liking to sandwiches, specifically just bread, butter and cheese. It's something so simple, but so. damn. good; especially with the cheeses they have there!

Amsterdam overall is very cute. The people there seem to be very active and happy. Since the city is built on canals and it's literally freezing, the waterways are packed with people ice skating, playing hockey and even going to get a drink from a pub on the water (really, it's a boat that is iced in, so they turned it into a bar...with Abba blaring from the speakers...brilliant!)

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Hope you enjoyed a few photos from Holland! Next stop, Rome.


p.s..Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Checking Out // Vacation!


Yes! It’s true, I’m going on vacation! A much needed vacation, in fact! I’m off on a bit of a travel-whirlwind for the next couple of weeks. My first stop will be in Amsterdam, then onto Italy…specifically Rome and the Amalfi Coast. After my European adventures, I’ll be flying straight to Las Vegas for WPPI – photographers, will I see you there?

I will be out of the studio from February 8 – 23rd.

Feel free to follow my instagram feed (if you have an iphone, I’m under eliesajohnson) and twitter accounts (@photogeninc & @eliesajohnson) to keep up on all of my adventures!


Rivets and Roses 2012 Wedding Giveaway!

Have y’all been over to the new Rivets and Roses website yet? If not, they are up to some pretty cool things! Each photographer on the R&R team is giving away one complimentary wedding for the 2012 season – how cool is that! That means that they are looking for 5. AMAZING. COUPLES. to share the love with! Check out their website and send in nominations to the photographer of your choice! They will be accepting nominations until Friday, February 17th, so spread the word and check out all of the cool details below! You can also check out their blog for more information!



blogNatalie_Giveaway.jpg Click here to view Natalie’s Portfolio!

Want to send in your nomination to Natalie? E-mail her [at]

blogLouisa_Giveaway.jpgClick here to view Louisa’s Portfolio!

Want to send in your nomination to Louisa? E-mail her [at]

blogMarc_Giveaway.jpgClick here to view Marc’s Portfolio!

Want to send in your nomination to Marc? E-mail him [at]

blogDesiree_Giveaway.jpgClick here to view Desiree’s Portfolio!

Want to send in your nomination to Desiree? E-mail her [at]

blogLeslie_Giveaway.jpgClick here to view Leslie’s Portfolio!

Want to send in your nomination to Leslie? E-mail her [at]

All nominations must be submitted to the photographer of your choice by Friday, February 17th! Once we receive all of the nominations, we will narrow them down to the Top 3 couples per photographer. From there, we will post the candidate’s stories on the Rivets and Roses blog for YOU, the public to vote and choose the winning couple who you think deserves our mad skills!

We are accepting nominations from all around the world, travel fees may apply.

Happy Nominating!

Mr. and Mrs. Burgess!

I have so many great things to say about John and Amanda, but someone said it best on their wedding day. Without a doubt, "John is one of the quickest, wittiest, and funniest people you will ever meet. And Amanda, this girl has one of the most genuine and beautiful smiles that you will ever see - and her laugh! Her laugh will put a smile on your face. Together, they are truly a perfect fit."

It's so true. John and Amanda are a couple who just make complete sense together. If John makes a joke (which is pretty much all of the time, for the record), Amanda has the perfect reaction, whether that is rolling her eyes or flashing her signature smile, they compliment each other absolutely perfectly.

I first met John years ago when he worked for Metro Magazine! He would come along to photo shoots and film segments for the magazine's website and I always loved it when John was on set, because there was no doubt it was going to be a fun day. Personally, I think John should be in front of the camera, rather than behind it, because he really can entertain people for hours on end. One great thing about the Burgess's wedding was realizing how much this couple really valued so many people they had come in contact with throughout life. Their reception was filled with family, both from near and far, old friends, new friends, past co-workers, and current colleagues. The great part was that when you looked around, the room was filled with such a well rounded group who were all coming together and having a grand ole' time. I think this is a huge testament to John and Amanda and the amazing people that they surround themselves with.

As for the couple, they kicked off their relationship 10 years ago, so it was about time to make this official!

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Congratulations to John and Amanda! I can't thank you enough for choosing us to photograph your day and be there for you! It was absolutely our pleasure!


MINNeSHOP // Lighting 101!


It's that time again!! During the winter months is the perfect time to focus on continuing education, pushing your skills and getting inspired for the year ahead! This next MINNeSHOP is all about lighting and it will be geared towards the basics of how to use your speedlights, as well as studio lighting. If you are a wedding photographer that struggles with how to use your flash during a reception, than this workshop is perfect for you! If you are also interested in using studio lighting, but maybe haven't had the opportunity to play with professional grade equipment, than this is also the perfect place for you!

This MINNeSHOP will be a two-day workshop, and true to MINNeSHOP form, each day will be a 1/2 day, so about 3-4 hours.

The cost for this MINNeSHOP is $250 for both days and it's a package deal. (In other words, you must sign up for both days.)

Here's the Scoop:

Tuesday, February 28th: Reception / Working with Speedlights. Time: 11am - 2pm Location: 331 Club 331 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN

This portion of the MINNeSHOP will be held in a dark dark bar, and you bet, we will be having a few beers! The goal is to help teach you how to effectively use your flash's on and off camera to create gorgeous dance/reception images, even in the harshest, darkest scenarios!

Wednesday, February 29th: Studio Lighting Time: 11am - 3pm Location: 514 Studios 514 N 3rd Street, #101 Minneapolis, MN

The second day will be held in a professional photography studio. We will go over the basics of studio lighting, as well as have stations set up for you to experiment with various lighting set ups!

We have a TON of fun stuff in store for this MINNeSHOP, so we hope to see you there! Again, this workshop is called lighting 101 for a reason, so if you're a super-hero at lighting already, this probably isn't for you. However, I've been asked again and again as to how DO you actually use your flash at receptions, so the hope with this workshop is to technically teach the basics of lighting to help you gain confidence both on the dance floor and in the studio!



FOUND // The Art of Wedding

One week ago, we hosted FOUND // The Art of Wedding. It was an event to bring together our city, our industry and our clients to celebrate wedding art and it was a SMASHING success! It's always been a dream of mine to put an event like this on and it was the perfect time to do so! We're guessing anywhere from 300-350 of you stopped by throughout the night, which was an amazing turn out!8 weeks ago, I had this little idea to have an art show and lucky for me, some of the best vendors in town were on board with my little idea turning into a big event! A night like this could not have happened without the following artists and sponsors, and I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to each and every one of you who helped me pull this off! Artists //

Photogen Inc Rivets and Roses Munster Rose Paperista Capture Studios Tara LaTour


514 Studios Minnesota Bride Style Architects BeEvents Coca & Fig Crispin Avant Decor Flow DJ

A very special thank you to Capture Studios for making this SUPER COOL video clip from the night, it's truly inspiring! I would also love to thank Leslie, Natalie and Desiree from Rivets and Roses for all of the photographs below!!


I hope everyone who came found a little bit of inspiration during the night! If so, mission accomplished!


Published // Minneapolis St. Paul Weddings Magazine

Tis the season for being published! Most every wedding magazine runs on the same editorial calendar, and we are lucky enough to have a few of our weddings published in several publications this season! MSP Weddings Magazine featured Kelsey & James Klaas's wedding, which took place this past spring! Their wedding was so lovely and had many personal touches from family & friends. We were so pleased to collaborate with the following vendors on their event:
Ceremony// Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church Reception// Nicollet Island Pavilion Dress// Melissa Sweet Bridesmaid Dresses// All home made with love by the bride's mother! Groom's Attire// Hubert White Catering// Mintahoe Rings// Charlemagne (bride) & Knox Jewelers (groom) Flowers// Arranged at the Minneapolis Farmers Market by the bride & friends Music// Flow DJ
This issue also features an engagement session article, in which the images selected some of their favorite photographs they've seen posted from various sessions! An image from Alex & Brian's engagement session is used in this spread, which why wouldn't it be? Who doesn't love vintage mopeds!

C1 Cover WE S12lobl.jpg

pg 96-97 Real WE S12lobl.jpg
I love seeing our work in print and sharing it with the world! Thanks to all of our fabulous couples for making these images publish-worthy!LOVEe

FOUND // Behind the Scenes!

There's no question that it takes a small army to make an event happen and the FOUND event was no exception! I couldn't have done it with out SO many people who took time out of their busy lives to come and help put the show together! Here's a few behind the scenes photos of the installation setup, which took two solid days of work to make happen! All in all, it was incredibly easy, thanks to all of the amazing artists, staff, friends and interns who rolled up their sleeves and created something beautiful![blogshow id=4f1c94f3e6969 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0] Later this week, I'll have a full blog post with photos from the event! And special thanks to Louisa for some of these photos!

Stay tuned!


Published & Making History // Minnesota Bride

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like your attention. For months now, I’ve been dying to share with you the wedding of Alyson and Jesse. This wedding meant SO much to me, for so many reasons, but most importantly for the positive impact I hope it makes in our market and industry overall! Alyson and Jesse are my first same-sex-couple and it was my extreme pleasure of photograph their wedding! It’s been a personal goal of mine to gain more same-sex couples, because I truly believe in gay rights, gay marriage and equality for all. When I met Alyson and Jesse, it was very clear that they were the perfect clients to begin my client base with, and the entire experience with them has been nothing but absolutely amazing!What is even more epic is that I feel like we’re making a big difference and taking part in a little bit of history, because the Newquist’s wedding is the FIRST. EVER. SAME. SEX. WEDDING. EVER. PUBLISHED. IN. MINNESOTA!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! When I found this out, it really hit me how important this time is for our world and the incredible impact it will have on the wedding industry! I’m a person who is all about making a difference and to be a part of this movement is incredibly exciting to me. I feel honored to be a part of it. I’m also very proud that Minnesota Bride believed in this story enough to publish it, and the fact that this is all happening pre-leagalization in Minnesota is even MORE exciting!!!Alyson and Jesse were two of the handiest and craftiest brides I’ve ever met! These two ladies decided not only to have a DIY wedding, but they purchased 40 acres of land up in Finlayson, MN and opened a wedding venue, called Juliane James Place, for future couples, both gay and straight for the record, to host their weddings and events at! I, myself, have used the space to photography Tara LaTour’s newest collection and also to host the ELEVATE Workshop this past fall! The property is nothing short of gorgeous and I highly encourage you all to check it out! I will be doing a full blog post on Alyson & Jesse’s wedding in the next few weeks, but I wanted to share the news of this incredible feature in the newest issue of MN Bride, which is hitting the news stands as we speak! This feature means more to me, simply because of the issue at hand on gay marriage. I hope it does impact not only our city, but our industry and Midwest market overall! As a vendor, I’m incredibly proud and that is the best feeling in the world!

CvrMNBSS12LoRes Ablg.jpg

JulianeJamesPlace MNB SS12_LR-2blg.jpg
You can find the newest issue of Minnesota Bride all over the city from grocery stores to Target to Barnes and Noble, so make sure you check this out! We will also be handing out complimentary issues on Friday and FOUND // The Art of Wedding event! Hope to see you all there!

Welcome to the new Rivets and Roses!

I love big announcements! They’re just so much fun! As many of you know, a couple of years ago, I started another wedding photography company called Rivets and Roses. This brand started small, with only one photographer shooting under it at one time and coming into the 2012 season, it was very clear that it was the perfect time to take this to the next level! We’ve had phenomenal success with our photographers in the past and I had big plans for where this studio might go in the future!

When I look back at many of my notes/goals/thoughts from the past couple of years, I always had written down to “Focus on R&R and make that brand what you know it can be!” A few months ago, I was looking through all of those notes-to-myself and I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling that now was the time to make that happen, we were ready.

So, for the first time ever, I really put it out there that I was hiring. I decided to hire on more photographers to make Rivets and Roses a legitimate, full functioning wedding photography studio for the city of Minneapolis. I wasn’t sure what kind of applicants we might get, but I knew exactly what I wanted in these new shooters. There was a high level of quality I was looking for, as well as passion and drive to be an amazing wedding photographer. Let me tell you that I was AH-MAZED by the people to sent in their applications! I met with many seriously talented people and had some solid conversations during the interviews and I am SO proud to announce the team we have put together for you! 

Each of our new photographers has a very distinct style and personality that is very different from one another! Rivets and Roses is a wedding photography studio where couples are meant to come and browse around the website. It’s designed for potential brides and grooms to wander around and really find a photographer who inspires them, both thru their work and personality. The benefit of booking with R&R is simply the fact that it’s the sister company to my wedding brand, Photogen Inc. and the same quality of service and product will be given to every single one of our clients! We will most definitely take care of you!

So, go on! Take a peek! Browse through our super-cool site, and learn about all of our new shooters! Louisa, Leslie, Natalie, Marc and Desiree are all helping me host FOUND // The Art of Wedding event on Friday, January 20th! If you want to meet them, please stop on by and say hello! We would love to see you!

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 3.54.12 PM.jpg

The new site allows you to view everyone’s portfolios in full screen mode! I just love this!

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 3.59.34 PM.jpg

Take some time to read through everyone’s biography! There’s some pretty cool facts in here!

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 4.01.03 PM.jpg

Cheers to a new venture and living the dream! This is a big, new, exciting chapter and I can’t wait to see where it goes!