Katharine and Ryan // Engaged!

SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0001 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0003 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0004 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0005 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0007 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0009 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0010 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0011 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0012 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0013 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0014 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0015 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0016 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0017 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0018 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0019 Katharine and Ryan met in Minnesota, but shortly thereafter, Katharine accepted a job offer in her home-state of California, which quickly put into perspective just how special they were to one another. Ryan made a bold move and decided to also start a new life in California, to be closer to Katharine - and needless to say, it's worked out wonderfully! For this couples engagement session, I traveled to their new home in the San Francisco bay area. We hiked some Redwood groves, ate some amazing food and even went to their favorite dive bar...and their favorite-fancy-date-night-spot at the whiskey bar, Hard Water. (Seriously, if you are going to San Francisco - make this a destination!) It was so great to spend time with Katharine and Ryan and see their life together on the west coast! Congratulations to these two on their engagement!


Swetha and Chris // Engaged!

North_Loop_Engagements_0001 North_Loop_Engagements_0002 North_Loop_Engagements_0003 North_Loop_Engagements_0004 North_Loop_Engagements_0005 North_Loop_Engagements_0006 North_Loop_Engagements_0007 North_Loop_Engagements_0008 North_Loop_Engagements_0009 North_Loop_Engagements_0010 Swetha and Chris had some fabulous style for their North Loop engagement session this fall! The color of Swetha's sari against the texture of this neighborhood was absolutely stunning! And it makes me even more excited for their wedding festivities! Congratulations to this fabulous couple on their engagement!


Mr. and Mrs. Bevis // Married!

BevisBlog0001 BevisBlog0002 BevisBlog0003 BevisBlog0004 BevisBlog0005 BevisBlog0006 BevisBlog0007 BevisBlog0008 BevisBlog0009 BevisBlog0010 BevisBlog0011 BevisBlog0012 BevisBlog0013 BevisBlog0014 BevisBlog0015 BevisBlog0016 BevisBlog0017 BevisBlog0018 BevisBlog0019 BevisBlog0020 BevisBlog0021 BevisBlog0022 BevisBlog0023 BevisBlog0024 BevisBlog0025 BevisBlog0026 BevisBlog0027 BevisBlog0028 BevisBlog0029 BevisBlog0030 BevisBlog0031 BevisBlog0032 BevisBlog0033 BevisBlog0034 BevisBlog0035 BevisBlog0036 BevisBlog0037 BevisBlog0038 BevisBlog0039 BevisBlog0040 Matt and Danielle's wedding was one of those feel-good-weddings that everyone in attendance will remember. The couple planned a lovely outdoor fall wedding in Rochester, Minnesota. One of their requests was to capture the quiet moments that happened throughout their wedding day. There were a few major highlights that I just loved. The first was that after the couple's first look, they decided to take a moment and privately read their vows to one another - and our groom, Matt, got a taken off guard with his emotions, which was really sweet to see. My second favorite moment was right before their ceremony, the sun came out! Now, their wedding had been quite chilly, windy and overcast for the first part of the day, but as soon as the guests started arriving, the skies were blue and the sun was shining! Lastly, Danielle and her Grandfather has a dance together that I think made every single guest tear up. My point to all of this is that Matt and Danielle's day was filled with genuine happiness and moments that will forever make this day so special.

Thank you two for allowing us to be a part of this day! I'm so excited for all that is to come for the new Mr. and Mrs. Bevis!


Ceremony Venue // History Center of Olmsted County

Reception Venue // Peace Plaza, Downtown Rochester, MN

Hotel Venue // Kahler Hotel

Gown // The Wedding Shoppe

Hair & Makeup // Julie Swenson Beauty

Catering // Johnny Mangos Cabernet Catering

Florals // Le Jardin Floral


Mr. and Mrs. Arens // Married!

Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0001 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0002 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0003 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0004 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0005 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0006 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0007 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0008 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0009 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0010 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0011 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0012 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0013 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0014 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0015 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0016 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0017 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0018 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0019 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0020 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0021 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0022 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0023 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0024 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0025 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0026 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0027 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0028 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0029 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0030 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0031 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0032 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0033 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0034 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0035 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0036 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0037 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0038 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0039 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0040 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0041 Owatonna_Wedding_Arens_Blog_0042 Amanda and Derek have such a great story. Both of these two individuals are sweet, caring, people who were not just searching for a good person to share their life with, but rather the perfect person for them. I must say, the moment that I met these two as a couple, it was obvious that they are truly a great match. Their wedding took place back in Amanda's hometown (and my hometown) of Owatonna, where they had a lovely ceremony - and some unexpected weather - before the reception! For their venue, they chose the Monterrey Ballroom, which is about as timeless as you get in this town. Overall, their day was beautiful and filled with a little adventure! We climbed on top of the church, braved hail and giant mud puddles for their photos, which was all totally worth it!

Congratulations to Amanda and Derek! We are all so happy to have been a part of this day!


Married in Norway // Desiree + Yrjan // Part 2

JohansenBlog_0030 JohansenBlog_0031 JohansenBlog_0032 JohansenBlog_0033 JohansenBlog_0034 JohansenBlog_0035 JohansenBlog_0036 JohansenBlog_0037 JohansenBlog_0038 JohansenBlog_0039 JohansenBlog_0040 JohansenBlog_0041 JohansenBlog_0042 JohansenBlog_0043 JohansenBlog_0044 JohansenBlog_0045 JohansenBlog_0046 JohansenBlog_0047 JohansenBlog_0048 JohansenBlog_0049 JohansenBlog_0050 JohansenBlog_0051 JohansenBlog_0052 JohansenBlog_0053 JohansenBlog_0054 JohansenBlog_0055 JohansenBlog_0056 JohansenBlog_0057 JohansenBlog_0058 JohansenBlog_0059 JohansenBlog_0060 JohansenBlog_0061 JohansenBlog_0062 JohansenBlog_0063 JohansenBlog_0064 JohansenBlog_0065 JohansenBlog_0066 JohansenBlog_0067 JohansenBlog_0068 JohansenBlog_0069 JohansenBlog_0070 JohansenBlog_0071 JohansenBlog_0072 JohansenBlog_0073 JohansenBlog_0074 JohansenBlog_0075 JohansenBlog_0076 JohansenBlog_0077 JohansenBlog_0078 JohansenBlog_0079 JohansenBlog_0080 JohansenBlog_0081 JohansenBlog_0082 JohansenBlog_0083 JohansenBlog_0084 JohansenBlog_0085 JohansenBlog_0086 JohansenBlog_0087 JohansenBlog_0088 JohansenBlog_0089 JohansenBlog_0090 JohansenBlog_0091 JohansenBlog_0092 When Desiree and Yrjan decided to be married in Norway, the first thing that Desiree envisioned was having the wedding on a Fjord. The landscape of this country is undoubtedly beautiful, but the weather can change at the drop of a hat. So, the couple chose to have a church wedding at an adorable Norwegian chapel, nestled in the mountains. Of course, with Desiree being a photographer, she made sure to have the most picturesque locations for the wedding day. Their event, overall, took place at the Villa Moldegaard, which is a gorgeous venue that overlooks the sea. And as all of the guests, family and friends traveled from near and far, the weather shifted into bright sunshine and blue skies. Beyond the beauty of the setting, I must say how truly happy I am for Desiree and Yrjan! After working with Desiree for a long time, it was so great to see her as a bride. She was absolutely stunning and it was so great to see her marrying the man of her dreams. A favorite part of this wedding for me, personally, was also meeting and spending time with the couple's family and friends - you can see more of that in Part 1 of this wedding blog.

I suppose this wedding was pretty much perfect. It involved travel, adventure, great people, a beautiful country, a wooden row boat, a blue sea and one of the sweetest couples. Congratulations to Desiree and Yrjan!


Desiree + Yrjan // Married in Norway // Part 1

JohansenBlog_0001 JohansenBlog_0002 JohansenBlog_0003 JohansenBlog_0004 JohansenBlog_0005 JohansenBlog_0006 JohansenBlog_0007 JohansenBlog_0008 JohansenBlog_0009 JohansenBlog_0010 JohansenBlog_0011 JohansenBlog_0012 JohansenBlog_0013 JohansenBlog_0014 JohansenBlog_0015 JohansenBlog_0016 JohansenBlog_0017 JohansenBlog_0018 JohansenBlog_0019 JohansenBlog_0020 JohansenBlog_0021 JohansenBlog_0022 JohansenBlog_0023 JohansenBlog_0024 JohansenBlog_0025 JohansenBlog_0026 JohansenBlog_0027 3 weeks ago, I had the honor of traveling to Norway to photograph Desiree + Yrjan's wedding. The bride is one of our alumni here at Photogen Inc. and many of you will remember her from also being one of our lead photographers at our sister company, Rivets and Roses. From the moment I met Desiree, I knew this girl had a vagabond heart and a passion for travel, so it only makes sense that her closest family and friends would travel across the world for her wedding. Yrjan studied abroad in the States for college and it was during a media school in class where these two met. Over the years, they were back and forth between America and Norway, until a couple of years ago, Desiree finally decided to permanently move. The couple chose to get married in Norway, simply because of the adventure. I don't know if I can even begin to articulate how beautiful a country Norway is. It's absolutely stunning and just getting in a car and driving is a treat, because of all the gorgeous scenery there is. Desiree and Yrjan's wedding was a complete dream to photograph, but it was also so great to meet their family and friends - and travel with them. I feel like I've walked away from this trip with some life-long friends as well! In creating their blog post, there are just too many photos that I want to share, so I am dividing this up into two posts. Our journey began in Bergen, Norway, where we met up with most of the travelers and we all made the trek to their wedding location, which is tucked away on the edge of a Norwegian fjord. The weather can change drastically in one day, so their BBQ rehearsal dinner started out a little on the rainy side, but ended with an amazing sunset.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this wedding - you don't want to miss it!


Jamie and Steve // Married!

korfblog0001 korfblog0002 korfblog0003 korfblog0004 korfblog0005 korfblog0006 korfblog0007 korfblog0008 korfblog0009 korfblog0010 korfblog0011 korfblog0012 korfblog0013 korfblog0014 korfblog0015 korfblog0016 korfblog0017 korfblog0018 korfblog0019 korfblog0020 korfblog0021 korfblog0022 korfblog0023 korfblog0024 korfblog0025 korfblog0026 korfblog0027 korfblog0028 korfblog0029 korfblog0030 korfblog0031 korfblog0032 korfblog0033 korfblog0034 korfblog0035 korfblog0036 korfblog0037 korfblog0038 korfblog0039 korfblog0040 The adventure of life is pretty great thing. Over the years, I have been invited to photograph my client's wedding days, and just how I end up getting connected with my clients, never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes, they are a straight-up business referral and other times, they are people I have known from childhood who I end up re-connecting with. Either way, I always feel honored to be a part of such a special day for our couples. For Jamie and Steve, I really got the chance to know them, just a few weeks before their wedding. I had met the groom years earlier thru my best friend, Sara. She and Steve both run Live Letters together and so we've all been concert-friends and I've seen both Jamie and Steve at a number of shows, but I never really knew them. One of the things that I love about Jamie and Steve the most is how laid back they are and just a few weeks before their wedding, they asked me to be their photographer. From that point on, I tried to really get to know these two as much as I could and I must say, they are great together. Jamie has known that she wanted to marry Steve from the first moments that they were together and she was SO excited on her wedding day to finally call him her husband. Everything was unique about their wedding day. First off, the bride wore black, the wedding venue was an old theater, Ashley DuBose gave a (few) amazing live performances and to top it off, dinner was served by Chipotle and Izzy's ice cream! It was such a fun day - congratulations to Jamie and Steve!



Venue // Old Arizona Theater

Styling // Johnny and Dottie

Live Music // Ashley DuBose


Lindsey and Trevor // Engaged!

LindseyTrevorBlog0001 LindseyTrevorBlog0002 LindseyTrevorBlog0003 LindseyTrevorBlog0004 LindseyTrevorBlog0005 LindseyTrevorBlog0006 LindseyTrevorBlog0007 LindseyTrevorBlog0008 LindseyTrevorBlog0009 LindseyTrevorBlog0010 LindseyTrevorBlog0011 LindseyTrevorBlog0012 LindseyTrevorBlog0013 LindseyTrevorBlog0014 LindseyTrevorBlog0015 LindseyTrevorBlog0016 LindseyTrevorBlog0017 LindseyTrevorBlog0018 LindseyTrevorBlog0019 LindseyTrevorBlog0020 LindseyTrevorBlog0021 LindseyTrevorBlog0022 Lindsey and Trevor are wonderful together. I don't know if there is really any other way to describe them, but they make so much sense.  From their values to their personalities, everything with Lindsey and Trevor is a perfect fit. The couple met at a friend's party years ago and they have been together ever since. It was one of those moments in life where a friend asks you to come to a gathering, you don't really want to go and decide, "Oh, alright, I'll swing on by." Before you know it, your life is changed forever! I'm so excited for their wedding this fall and congratulations to this happy couple on their engagement!


Mr. and Mrs. Larson // Married!

Larsonblg0001 Larsonblg0002 Larsonblg0003 Larsonblg0004 Larsonblg0005 Larsonblg0006 Larsonblg0007 Larsonblg0008 Larsonblg0009 Larsonblg0010 Larsonblg0011 Larsonblg0012 Larsonblg0013 Larsonblg0014 Larsonblg0015 Larsonblg0016 Larsonblg0017 Larsonblg0018 Larsonblg0019 Larsonblg0020 Larsonblg0021 Larsonblg0022 Larsonblg0023 Larsonblg0024 Larsonblg0025 Larsonblg0026 Larsonblg0027 Larsonblg0028 Larsonblg0029 Larsonblg0030 Larsonblg0031 Larsonblg0032 Nicole and Matthew's wedding is a very special wedding for me. I've known the bride since childhood and I was honored to not only be asked to photograph their wedding, but also to be a part of it. I've seen both sides of this wedding, from the personal planning aspects of my friends getting married to the vendor side in planning and making sure they are all taken care of for the big day. My favorite moment with Nicole, leading up to the wedding, was when she chose her dress. Nicole invited me to join her at L'atelier Couture Bridal and she had narrowed it down to a few options when we arrived. My jaw dropped when she put on her Vera Wang selection and I knew that this was the dress for my friend. She was stunning and it fit her perfectly. It was also the goal of Matthew and Nicole to make their wedding a giant party and celebration - and this was a party dress! When photographing this day for the couple, there were two comments that our team kept hearing throughout the day: the first was, of course, Congratulations! and the second was, I looooooove your dress, Nicole!  It's true that the brides's dress was really the highlight and main event for many people. The couple was stunning, the party was fantastic and throughout the day it was obvious that my friends really were having the best day ever. I couldn't be happier for these two! Congratulations to Nicole and Matthew!



Venue // Aria

Florist // Sadie's Floral

Day of Coordination // Krista of Park Place Planning and Events

Paper // Rock Paper Scissor

Gown // Vera Wang from L'atelier Couture Bridal

Hair & Makeup // KS Styling Team

Catering // Deco Catering

Dessert Table // Cocoa and Fig

Mr. and Mrs. Chorney // Married!

ChorneyBlog0001 ChorneyBlog0002 ChorneyBlog0003 ChorneyBlog0004 ChorneyBlog0005 ChorneyBlog0006 ChorneyBlog0007 ChorneyBlog0008 ChorneyBlog0009 ChorneyBlog0010 ChorneyBlog0011 ChorneyBlog0012 ChorneyBlog0013 ChorneyBlog0014 ChorneyBlog0015 ChorneyBlog0016 ChorneyBlog0017 ChorneyBlog0018 ChorneyBlog0019 ChorneyBlog0020 ChorneyBlog0021 ChorneyBlog0022 ChorneyBlog0023 ChorneyBlog0024 ChorneyBlog0025 ChorneyBlog0026 ChorneyBlog0027 ChorneyBlog0028 ChorneyBlog0029 ChorneyBlog0030 ChorneyBlog0031 ChorneyBlog0032 ChorneyBlog0033 ChorneyBlog0034 ChorneyBlog0035 ChorneyBlog0036 ChorneyBlog0037 ChorneyBlog0038 ChorneyBlog0039 ChorneyBlog0040 ChorneyBlog0041 ChorneyBlog0042 ChorneyBlog0043 ChorneyBlog0044 ChorneyBlog0045 ChorneyBlog0046 ChorneyBlog0047 ChorneyBlog0048 ChorneyBlog0049 ChorneyBlog0050 Haley and Taylor have a great love story. When they met, it was one of those spontaneous-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time moments, mixed in with love-at-first-sight. I have always loved the connection that these two clearly have, and seeing them with their friends and family on their wedding day, just made me love these two a little more. They celebrated their day with a gorgeous Calhoun Beach Club wedding, along with a traditional Catholic ceremony at Nativity in St. Paul, MN. Everything about their day was stunning, but some of the quiet moments of their day was what I enjoyed the most! Congratulations to the newlyweds!



Ceremony Venue // Nativity of our Lord

Reception Venue // Calhoun Beach Club

Florist // Family Friend, Carol Stutzke

Day of Coordination // Lasting Impressions Weddings and Events

Videographer // Joe Pollock Films

Gown // Posh Bridal

Suits // Custom from Jos. A. Bank

Catering // D'amico

CHEERS Sign // DIY by the bride, herself!




Jackie and Derek // Engaged!

claypoolblog0001claypoolblog0002 claypoolblog0003 claypoolblog0004 claypoolblog0005 claypoolblog0006 claypoolblog0007 claypoolblog0008 claypoolblog0009 claypoolblog0010 claypoolblog0011 claypoolblog0012 claypoolblog0013 claypoolblog0014  claypoolblog0016 claypoolblog0017 Jackie and Derek are simply the sweetest. This is a couple who is incredibly driven and they are also super dedicated to their dreams. What is really great about these two is that, despite how busy they are, the moments they have together are so special! I'm so happy to know these two and to photograph their upcoming wedding! Congratulations to Jackie and Derek on their engagement!



Luca and Amanda // Engaged!

ANelsonblog0001 ANelsonblog0002 ANelsonblog0003 ANelsonblog0004 ANelsonblog0005 ANelsonblog0006 ANelsonblog0007 ANelsonblog0008 ANelsonblog0009 ANelsonblog0010 ANelsonblog0011 ANelsonblog0012 ANelsonblog0013 ANelsonblog0014 ANelsonblog0015 Summer is here and that means that our golden light is back! Now thru October is my favorite time of the year to shoot here in Minnesota, because the evening light is oh-so-gorgeous! For Amanda and Luca's engagement session, we went to the legendary First Avenue and then made our way to Lake Harriet to catch the sunset! It has been so great to get to know this couple more and I am so looking forward to their wedding day. Congratulations to Amanda and Luca on their engagement!


Mr. and Mrs. Jensen // Married!

JensenBlog0001 JensenBlog0002 JensenBlog0003 JensenBlog0004 JensenBlog0005 JensenBlog0006 JensenBlog0007 JensenBlog0008 JensenBlog0009 JensenBlog0010 JensenBlog0011 JensenBlog0012 JensenBlog0013 JensenBlog0014 JensenBlog0015 JensenBlog0016 JensenBlog0017 JensenBlog0018 JensenBlog0019 JensenBlog0020 JensenBlog0021 JensenBlog0022 JensenBlog0023 JensenBlog0024 JensenBlog0025 JensenBlog0027 JensenBlog0028 JensenBlog0029 JensenBlog0030 JensenBlog0031 JensenBlog0032 JensenBlog0033 JensenBlog0034 JensenBlog0035 JensenBlog0036 JensenBlog0037 JensenBlog0038 JensenBlog0039 JensenBlog0040 JensenBlog0041 JensenBlog0042 JensenBlog0043 On Andy and Allie's wedding day, I kept hearing people having the same conversation over and over about how absolutely perfect these two are for one another. Frankly, I couldn't agree more! The groom has been a great friend to me over the years and when I first met Allie, all I could think was, "Wow! This girl is PERFECT for Andy!" When they asked me to photograph their wedding, it was a true honor and their day was filled with so much love. Their wedding took place at the Christ Chapel at Gustavus Adolphus College, which really is one of my favorite churches in this state! I am so happy for Andy and Allie and I can't wait to see where life takes these two!



The Marketing Game //

Every year, I sit down and think about how we can better connect with our vendors. These include both the coordinators and creatives that we already work with consistently each season, but also the dream list of people that we strive to work with. For the Photogen Inc. brand, and frankly with all of our brands, our best clients come to us from the true relationships that we have built. You know that saying that 'word of mouth is your best advertising' ? I am a total believer of that. Whether a client hears about us thru reading the blog, being a loyal Instagram follower or was recommended to us thru their wedding planner or event designer - all of the connections that we build with each and every one of you are what matters. So this year, our team sat down to strategize a bit on how to spend our dollars towards advertising. We decided that we wanted to make it personal this year and think outside of the box to connect with you. You will see that we've stepped up our game a bit and have been more active on Instagram for both our Rivets and Roses team and myself. We're trying to show you more of our everyday adventures, along with behind-the-scenes and finished photos. We're also trying to connect on a more personal level with some key vendors, which will include a few more coffee dates and lunches, in efforts to actually see more of our favorite people - face to face. When I thought about how relationships form over social media, I also asked myself: Who do I want to start a relationship with? and Who from a far do I admire? Illustrator, Cait Courneya came straight to my mind and at the top of my list. You see, I had been following Cait's drawings via Instagram, as a fan girl myself, for a while and I thought: She's a perfect fit. So, Cait and I got together for coffee and I pitched to her the idea of creating personalized sketches of a select group of vendors that I wanted to also send my gorgeous look books to. I can send out promotional materials all day long, but I wanted to go beyond that actually give these vendors an actual gift. Cait's work was a huuuuuuge success. Not only did all of the vendors enjoy their sketches, but many of them also posted their gifts and our look books on their social media outlets. Now, there's a key point that feel is really important: We didn't ask or push anyone to promote this. We simply created a piece that was meant to inspire, so the posts that came out were genuine and organic. Their praises and words were authentic and real, not contrived to names drop or self promote.

A lot of what we are seeing on our social feeds is curated content that shows 1) how fancy people are 2) how fancy the people they hang out with are and 3) how fancy the places they hang out at are. I've been guilty of all of the above, but it is my goal to create as many authentic actions as possible. And above all, I want to create work that inspires and that people will genuinely want to share. It is too early to know if I will book any wedding work from this year's marketing, but already, we have received many comments, emails and hand-written-thank-you-notes (which I oh-so-love), from our efforts. The look books were also created to be portfolio pieces that the vendors can actually use. So, was this project cheap? No, not at all. In fact, it was a pretty good investment, but already, it is way better than any listing on a website has ever returned for our companies. And above all, I feel GOOD - like really excited - to know that every single person we reached out to has loved this work and we have successfully grown our relationships with them.

Here are some tips to think about for your next round of marketing your wedding photography business (or any business, really):

Know Your Goal // Each year, your business probably has new goals to achieve. These might be the same from year-to-year, but I bet each season, there is a bit of a shift in the way you want to fine-tune your business. If your goal for this year is to do a bigger volume of clients, then research what the best resource for advertising is - perhaps this is investing in front-page listings. If your goal is to expand your network, budget enough dollars and mark dates on your calendar to attend events and plan more coffee dates. Or happy hours, because everyone loves a good happy hour.

Know Your Brand // Whether you are putting together marketing materials to get printed or creating an online listing, be intentional about who you want to reach. Who is your current client? Who do you want your future client to be? You have absolutely nothing to lose but to try and reach out of your comfort zone.

Invest in the Future, Not the Quick Dollar // We currently live in a world of instant gratification and sometimes it seems to be the 'norm' that people become 'Instagram Famous' overnight. First of all, the internet is an amazing tool, but it's also not reality. I guarantee you that those people you think just got a 'lucky break' have been hustling for years. We hear many times about the success, but not the hard work. A solid business means putting in the hours, creating amazing work, delivering your product on time and simply being kind to people. Decide how your investments, both monetarily and socially, will be best for you in the long run. If you are lucky enough to gain worldly success overnight, then good for you. Just don't expect that or hold this as the definition of your success.

Be Remarkable // Honestly, there's no room for anything less these days. If you put mediocrity into the world, that's not enough. You must create work and pieces that inspire you and those around you. I'm a perfectionist and my standard is always: Does this inspire me? Would I care about this? If the answer is yes, then I move forward. If the answer is no, I just let it go. We all have too much going on to care about fluffy bullshit. Whatever you create, make it amazing.

Have Fun // Marketing is FUN! I mean, this is a fantastic opportunity to allow people to get to know you and create something special. Collaborate. Think outside of the traditional route. Be excited. Be proud.


Photogen_Marketing_2014_0001 Photogen_Marketing_2014_0002 Photogen_Marketing_2014_0003 Photogen_Marketing_2014_0004 Photogen_Marketing_2014_0005 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

One of the Greatest Love Stories // Mr. and Mrs. Sampson // Married!

SampsonBlog0003SampsonBlog0001 SampsonBlog0004 SampsonBlog0005 SampsonBlog0006 SampsonBlog0007 SampsonBlog0008 SampsonBlog0009 SampsonBlog0010 SampsonBlog0011 SampsonBlog0012 SampsonBlog0013 SampsonBlog0014 SampsonBlog0015 SampsonBlog0016 SampsonBlog0017  SampsonBlog0019 SampsonBlog0020 SampsonBlog0022 SampsonBlog0023 SampsonBlog0024 SampsonBlog0025 Love is a crazy, powerful thing and one of the reasons I love photographing weddings so much is the story about how these two people came together. Warren and Lisa have one of the greatest love stories that I have ever heard and it was truly an honor to be a part of their wedding. This couple went to prom together and after high school went on their separate paths in life. A few years ago, they reconnected while on Facebook and the magic was still there! This couple has taught me many things about love since working with them and it was a great thing to witness just how excited these two were to get married! I find the way they love one another to be most inspiring!

Venue // Walker Art Museum

Catering // D'amico

Flowers // Stephen Ward from Arts and Flowers

Dress // Mori Lee from the Wedding Shoppe




Kate and Kyle // Engaged!

parranblog0001 parranblog0002 parranblog0003 parranblog0004 parranblog0005 parranblog0006 parranblog0007 parranblog0008 parranblog0009 parranblog0010 parranblog0011 parranblog0012 parranblog0013 parranblog0014 parranblog0015 parranblog0016 parranblog0017 parranblog0018 parranblog0019 Congratulations to Kate and Kyle on their engagement! Spring is finally here and it was so great to get outside! We chose to adventure out on the back paths of Minnehaha Falls and along the creek for their session. These two will be getting married in the fall and I can't wait for their big day!



Mr. and Mrs. Reiss // Rosecliff Mansion Luxury Wedding

ReissBlog0001 ReissBlog0002 ReissBlog0003 ReissBlog0004 ReissBlog0005 ReissBlog0006 ReissBlog0007 ReissBlog0008 ReissBlog0009 ReissBlog0010 ReissBlog0011 ReissBlog0012 ReissBlog0013 ReissBlog0014 ReissBlog0015 ReissBlog0016 ReissBlog0017 ReissBlog0018 ReissBlog0019 ReissBlog0020 ReissBlog0021 ReissBlog0022 ReissBlog0023 ReissBlog0024 ReissBlog0025 ReissBlog0026 ReissBlog0027 ReissBlog0028 ReissBlog0029 ReissBlog0030 ReissBlog0031 ReissBlog0032 ReissBlog0033 ReissBlog0034 ReissBlog0035 ReissBlog0036 ReissBlog0037 ReissBlog0038 ReissBlog0039 ReissBlog0040 ReissBlog0041 ReissBlog0042 ReissBlog0043 ReissBlog0044 ReissBlog0045 ReissBlog0046 ReissBlog0047 ReissBlog0048 ReissBlog0049 ReissBlog0050 ReissBlog0051 ReissBlog0052 Evan and Michelle's wedding was a dream and I mean, a true dream. The wedding took place in Newport, Rhode Island, which was a destination for all of their guests. Not only is this town gorgeous on its own, but the couple treated their guests to a Rosecliff Mansion luxury wedding. Every little detail was perfect for this day - from the location to the gospel choir, every single person in that room had the time of their life. For our team and myself personally, traveling for weddings is one of the most inspiring aspects of my job and I always welcome photographing in a new city. I love the coast, but fell in love with New England a little more this weekend - it is such an enchanting place! Congratulations to Evan and Michelle on a spectacular day and thank you for inviting our team to document this beautiful time in your lives!


Venue // Rosecliff Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island

Event Planner // Exquisite Events Design

Wedding Gown // Monique Lhuillier

Floral // Toni Chandler Flowers and Events

Video // Mint Wedding Cinematography

Gospel Choir + Live Music // Djore by Elan Artists

Photography // Photogen Inc.


Kate + Brett // Married!

StoneBlog0001 StoneBlog0002 StoneBlog0003 StoneBlog0004 StoneBlog0005 StoneBlog0006 StoneBlog0007 StoneBlog0008 StoneBlog0009 StoneBlog0010 StoneBlog0011 StoneBlog0012 StoneBlog0013 StoneBlog0014 StoneBlog0015 StoneBlog0016 StoneBlog0017 StoneBlog0018 StoneBlog0019 StoneBlog0020 StoneBlog0021 StoneBlog0022 StoneBlog0023 StoneBlog0024 StoneBlog0025 StoneBlog0026 StoneBlog0027 StoneBlog0028 StoneBlog0029 StoneBlog0030 StoneBlog0031 StoneBlog0032 StoneBlog0033 StoneBlog0034 StoneBlog0035 StoneBlog0036 StoneBlog0037 Congratulations to Kate + Brett! You're wedding was a blast and I am now inspired to play 90's pop music more often! I have loved every minute of working with you two and especially your excitement of our work and anticipation for your wedding day. You are the perfect match and our team is so happy to have been a part of your day!


Venue // Aria Minneapolis

Dress // Ramona Keveza from L'atelier Couture Bridal

Floral // Spruce MN

Paper // Paper Rock Scissor

Day of Planning // Park Place Planning