Mr. and Mrs. Carlyon!!

Right now, I'm so excited - for many reasons! These last couple weeks have been a reflection of how far Photogen Inc has come! It has also opened my eyes to how much my assistants have grown and learned from being part of the Photogen Inc dream! Brandon booked his first wedding on his own (and in Mexico - not bad!) and asked me to second shoot! Of course I said yes - duh! I think it is SO important to second shoot - at least once a year! So, here we are in Mexico - and this wedding was AMAZING! We are on the tiny yet adorable island of La Isla Mujeres and we couldn't have asked for a better location!!!
0001tonyjenica.jpg 0002tonyjenica.jpg 0003tonyjenica.jpg 0004tonyjenica.jpg 0005tonyjenica.jpg 0006tonyjenica.jpg 0007tonyjenica.jpg 0008tonyjenica.jpg 0009tonyjenica.jpg 0010tonyjenica.jpg 0011tonyjenica.jpg 0012tonyjenica.jpg 0013tonyjenica.jpg 0014tonyjenica.jpg 0015tonyjenica.jpg 0016tonyjenica.jpg 0017tonyjenica.jpg Ok, let's take a moment to talk about this next image. I. AM. OBSESSED. Why? Because it is truly a moment-captured-in-time. It is what photography is all about! Sometimes wedding photos can get a bit posed or directed, but it always amazes me what you can get in the in-between-moments! AHHHHH!!!! 0019tonyjenica.jpg 0020tonyjenica.jpg 0021tonyjenica.jpg 0022tonyjenica.jpg 0023tonyjenica.jpg 0024tonyjenica.jpg 0025tonyjenica.jpg 0026tonyjenica.jpg 0027tonyjenica.jpg 0028tonyjenica.jpg 0029tonyjenica.jpg 0030tonyjenica.jpg 0031tonyjenica.jpg 0032tonyjenica.jpg 0033tonyjenica.jpg 0034tonyjenica.jpg 0035tonyjenica.jpg 0036tonyjenica.jpg 0037tonyjenica.jpg Now I have to freak out about this last image! It is the final image that Brandon took and it is $$MONEY$$!!! I'm so proud of Brandon and Cadence and how they are evolving as photographers - and getting ridiculously sweet shots like this! They are pushing their visions and I couldn't be more proud! 0038tonyjenica.jpg Congratulations to Tony and Jenica on their A-MAZING wedding and to all of the new, fabulous people we have met because of you! eliesa