Married! // José + Alex

José and Alex had the perfect wedding. It was a small event at the couples home, filled with their closest family and friends. Sounds typical, right? There was something about this day that was filled with so much ease and excitement that made it *absolutely wonderful. The grooms simplified their day to have all of the moments of a big wedding, but curated the details to fit their idea of an intimate evening. José and Alex love to cook and entertain, so they wanted their wedding to feel like a great party — and a great party it was! Alex cooked a big tray of pulled pork for some BBQ sandwiches and there was a bar set up and donuts from everyone’s favorite spot in South Minneapolis, A Bakers Wife. José went to the local florist and picked up some amazing flowers to decorate their home with and one by one, their house started to fill with the most important people in their lives. There were happy tears and more hugs than ever after the ceremony and the night was filled with celebration!

Congratulations to José and Alex on their wedding! I am beyond happy for the two of you!