Married! // Ryan + Jana


Ryan and I go way back. He's been a great friend of mine for years and is also an assistant photographer on our team, so he might look familiar to some of you! For as long as I have known Ryan, he has always said that there is only one woman he would ever marry - his best friend Jana. 

Until a few years ago, Jana lived in Texas and the two have literally been the best of friends their entire life. Life happened over the years - jobs, relationships, wonderful children and moves across the country - and all along these two stayed in touch. When it became known that Jana was single and moving back to Minnesota, I think everyone in each of their lives raised a little eyebrow and wondered if the two would try dating. 

As it turns out, the timing of life couldn't be more perfect and Ryan and Jana sparked an incredible romance. I couldn't be happier to photograph their wedding day - we've all been through a lot of life together and this was one big celebration to capture! Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson!