Married! // Sara + Jeff

Where do I possibly begin this blog post? Sara Montour came into my life years ago and she quickly became one of my best friends. We have been through some LIFE together and who would think that within the same year and a half, we would both fall in love and decide to get married within two months? Not us - at all. But life has a funny way of bringing the perfect people in at the right time and I think that is true in both our friendship and when Sara met Jeff (aka. Hat). 

Jeff is the steadfast home to Sara's wanderlust heart. He is not afraid to jump in the car on a whim to travel and Sara agreed to get a Costco membership. (Hint: We all knew this was serious when Montour started going to Costco.) They started their family by bringing Wyatt, their giant Newfoundland puppy, into their life and all throughout the time they have been together, I have never seen Sara more happy than this! 

It's a special thing to be a part of weddings, but when your close-personal-friends get married, it is even more humbling and great to be a part of. Sara is an amazing photographer herself and it meant the world to me to photograph her wedding day! I also got to shoot alongside my other best gal, Liz for the first time and it was So. Much. Fun. 

Sara and Jeff had the perfect wedding for themselves. They got ready together at their home, while records played their favorite music. (By the way - Sara's dress was handmade by her wonderful sister / designer Kyra Deva). Next up was a quick stop in the forest for their photos and then we were off to get LewTour officially married. They invited all of their close family and friends to Bauhaus Brewery for a  quick ceremony - and then it was onto the games, beer, food and fun for everyone! Congratulations to Sara + Jeff - we are all SO very happy for you!