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Three years ago, I started a workshop called ELEVATE. It was a dream of mine and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished at each and every workshop with our attendees. Now, I say 'we', because this workshop is all about the team of people that help me, either logistically to put this together and our guest speakers that take the time out of their incredibly busy lives to be a part of this event. ELEVATE is far bigger than just me and it takes our awesome crew to make it so special every single year. At the beginning of this month, 10 of us traveled out to New York City for the workshop. Every year, I love to host ELEVATE in a new location and inspiring space. We've been in the deserts of Palm Springs, the northern woods of Minnesota and the city streets of New York was the perfect location for this year. Why a new space every year? Because I want us all, the speakers included, to be in a place that fosters inspiration and new ideas. I also want it to feel like a complete retreat from our 'real world', so we can think outside of the box on our goals, ideas and stretch the limits of what-we-think-is-possible at home. Being in New York, this also offered us the freedom to do some cool things we have never done before at ELEVATE. We had an entire city at our fingertips and we totally took advantage of it! On day 1, we rented a studio in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York and had a full day of intense class time. On the second day, we were out and about in the city for a 'field trip' day. We had exclusive tours and talks at Ceci New York and Martha Stewart Weddings, which were incredibly inspirational. In between these events, we also had one-on-one mentor sessions with each attendee and some of the best conversations about life and the world of being both an artist and business person. My goal with ELEVATE is to keep the groups intimate, so each attendee can have individual attention, yet also have a diverse group to bounce ideas off of.

Our overall theme of ELEVATE NYC was about bringing Purpose and Intention in everything we do. Whether that is taking a photograph, how we structure our workflow, how we post to social media or how we approach a shoot, everything must have these two elements. Daniel Chin and Collin Hughes were my guest speakers for this workshop and it was SO great for our attendees to get different perspectives on all of our content. We are three very different photographers who all do things differently and yet, there is value in every single approach. During our field trip days, we talked to Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York about photographing details and how to be stronger shooters, as well as branding our businesses to send the perfect message to our clients. At Martha Stewart Weddings, we connected with Shira Savada, who is their Real Weddings Editor and talked about the submission process and being published in both print and blogs. All of our talks this week carried on the theme of Purpose and Intention and even though I was helping create the content, I myself, took away a world of inspiration from everyone's input, conversation and presentations.

I also have to take a moment to say a GIANT thank-you to our sponsors, who were so generous in their giveaways to our group! Thanks to: HoldFast Gear, Shawn Bielefeldt, Motibodo, Kelly Moore Bag, Black Rapid Strap, Photo Mechanic, Richard Photo Lab, Kelly Purkey and Fatty Sundays.

Last, but not least, I have to thank Chris Wegner, who was one of our attendees for making this SWEET video below! He totally went out of his way to document our time there and watching this is the perfect reminder of our week together! To all of our attendees that came to ELEVATE NYC - you are all such talented, amazing artists and people. There is no doubt in my mind that each and every one of your businesses is going to grow leaps and bounds in the next couple of years. Thank you for giving me the honor of teaching you and guiding you on your journey, but also for giving back to me and teaching me more than you know!

The ELEVATE Workshop takes place once a year, generally around the fall months. If you are interested in learning more about the next ELEVATE, keep in touch via Twitter and Facebook and our Website! To see more photos from ELEVATE NYC, check out the following links:

Sara Montour's Photos

Daniel Chin's Photos



Elevate Photography Workshop - NYC from Photogen Inc on Vimeo.

ELEVATE Workshop // Success Stories & Testimonials!

Creating the ELEVATE Workshop is a true pleasure. I'm a little nerdy and I think it's actually fun to write presentations and brand a whole bunch of goodies for our attendees. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that our attendees walk away inspired, changed and ready to rock their world. I think teaching and mentoring others is a true honor and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. My goal isn't to fill you with a bunch of bullshit - it's to be honest and open about my experiences and methods, so I can empower others to go forth and grow their businesses. In fact, after each ELEVATE Workshop, we survey our attendees and ask for the same honest critique and feedback to see how we can make future workshops better and stronger! While putting together this blog post, I was a little hesitant, because I don't want it to seem like I'm tooting-my-own-horn here, but I wanted to show you some of the responses we have received from past attendees! I also went to some of their blogs and I'm AMAZED by not only how the quality of their work has progressed, but also how much stronger their businesses have become!

One of my favorite success stories is Johnna Holmgren. Johnna attended ELEVATE last fall and she was really just officially embarking on the world of being a full-time wedding photographer. When Johnna and I sat down for our one-on-one's, she had mentioned that she had this little idea. You see, she had just taken part in a wedding fair and it was a smashing success. Her husband happens to be an amazing chalk-board artist, so he made their 'booth' at the wedding fair with chalk boards and amazing typography. It most definitely drew in a crowd and Johnna managed to book a TON of weddings, because her booth was so inspiring and innovative to the brides! As we chatted, Johnna mentioned how she felt like, maybe - just maybe - her husband could pursue his art of typography and maybe their chalkboard art could be a real thing? We sat, dreamed, talked and made goals for Johnna during her week with us and I'm happy to report that Johnna and Max launched their new brand, Bear Fox Chalk earlier this year!

Bear Fox Chalk Website

Johnna is just one of many success stories from our attendees at ELEVATE! Here are some quotes and feedback from others who have attended our workshops!

"I was actually really surprised at how different and variety filled your talks were. Each spoke about a different important aspect of photography. When you started, I thought "What are the rest of them going to talk about?... THIS IS IT!! THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!" Then Daniel started and I was like, "This is IT!! WOW!!" Then Collin.... and so on. So... it was GREAT! Full Day one blew me away." Johnna Holmgren from ELEVATE 2, Northern Minnesota

"Eliesa will inspire, encourage and challenge all that cross her path. she's a highly ambitious leader with a lot of wisdom to share." - Megas Daas, from ELEVATE 2, Northern Minnesota

"[The shooting challenges were] super awesome. Each challenge was different and that was fun. I liked that they weren't wedding based. It was a good chance to think about photography differently.. for those who only shoot a bunch of wedding.. a chance to step outside the box." - Jess from Elevate 1, Palm Springs

"Would you recommend Elevate to others? Why?  9/10 Yes. I recommend Elevate, because it puts shooters together with other shooters in an open, supportive, and honest environment.  And we all need that as artists." - Nate Larson of Capture Studios from ELEVATE 1 and 2.

"I loved that you (Eliesa) and the speakers weren't just "available" for questions during the presentation time but it was flowing throughout the entire time if there was anything that came up or critiques or things like that." Johnna Holmgren

"This is wedding photography workshop 3.0 and more people need to experience this type of workshop. We discovered things we just didn't want to hear, but NEEDED to hear." - RJ Kern

The registration deadline for our upcoming ELEVATE NYC Workshop is September 7th! Our seats are filling fast, but there is still room! We have an absolutely amazing group of people signed up! Join us!



5 Reasons to Attend the ELEVATE Workshop!

Photographers, this post is for you! As you may have noticed (with my constant tweets, status updates and e-mails), I am hosting another ELEVATE Workshop in New York City this fall! Every time we announce another ELEVATE, I find it a little bit hard to ‘hit home’ on the amazing-ness that we are creating with this event and why you should sign up! I mean, there are SO many workshops offered out there by super-talented photographers in our industry – What makes ELEVATE different? What makes it worth it? I wanted to write this post for all of you who are considering taking the plunge and signing up for my workshop, and to help you make a more informed decision!



Drum roll please!!!

REASON NUMBER ONE // It’s ALL Inclusive!

Personally, I have invested tons of money attending workshops over the course of my career. After the workshop tuition, travel, and hotel – I’ve spent upwards of $3000 – $5000 per workshop. Some of my experiences have been worth it, and others I have paid top dollar to learn from the best-of-the-best and I’ve been a little disappointed. When it came to planning ELEVATE, I wanted to create a workshop that INCLUDED all of  the essentials! Our price point is $1675 and this includes: Hotel Accommodations at The Pod Hotel, a 7 day Metro Card for transportation around the city and most of your meals…along with your actual workshop tuition! We’ve worked hard to negotiate with the hotels to make this possible! It’s important for me that ELEVATE be a workshop that is affordable as well as an amazing experience for each attendee. I know for myself, if accommodations and meals were taken care of – sign me up! And for a week in NYC? That’s a steal…

REASON NUMBER TWO // The One-on-One’s.

With each ELEVATE workshop, I wanted to incorporate a group ‘classroom’ experience, as well as dig deeper with each attendee, individually. With our past workshops, the time with our attendees that really hits home is our discussion that takes place during our one-on-one sessions. These are meant to be intimate and really dig into your portfolios, website presence, branding, processing and any other questions you have about creating your art and business. Each attendee gets the opportunity to sign up for session with myself, Collin and Daniel. I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable these sessions are for both us as speakers and you as the attendee!

REASON NUMBER THREE// The Shooting Challenges.

In workshops I have attended in the past, I have both observed the speakers shooting and been invited to shoot a ‘stylized’ session. The thing about stylized sessions is that everyone attending the workshop suddenly has the same ‘portfolio’ piece to blog about and honestly – anyone can put together a stylized shoot a make it look beautiful. When it comes to ELEVATE, I want to challenge you as artists. Our shooting challenges are meant to make you uncomfortable and get you out of your comfort zone. I’ll be honest, most of our shooting will not result in a portfolio piece for your website. My goal is to give you a opportunity to play that will change, improve and elevate your shooting style when you go home and for all of your shoots to come!


Seriously – We. Are. So. Lucky. to have the incredible lineup we do for ELEVATE NYC! With each workshop, I want to invite photographers who I have personally seen create amazing art, grow their businesses and simply ‘come into their own’ and change our industry a little while doing it! Collin Hughes and Daniel Chin will be joining me as guest speakers and I couldn’t be more excited. We are all SO different in our shooting styles, processing, workflows and client experience; yet, all have the same standard, which is to be the best. I want our attendees to not only see the way I do things, but for them to learn from Daniel and Collin to see the difference and see what things would apply perfectly to them!


New York is said to be ‘The city that dreams are made of’ and hosting the workshop here has opened so many doors for us! I wanted to expand the worlds and knowledge of the wedding industry with our attendees at this workshop and take them on a little tour of some of the most fabulous, luxurious wedding brands in our industry. We will be having behind-the-scene tours of the offices of both Ceci New York and Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. It is an absolutely invaluable experience and we are so lucky to have time with Ceci Johnson and Shira Savada, Real Weddings Editor for Martha Stewart. They are a true inspiration to the wedding industry world-wide, and the fact that we have such personal time with them is just SO amazing!

I know many of you photographers have written into me that you REALLY want to attend ELEVATE, so hopefully this post helps you to decide! We still have seats available; however, we do want this to be an intimate experience, so spaces are limited. Full registration is $1675 and you will be able to sign up until September 7th!


For dates, rates and full details, visit the ELEVATE WORKSHOP page!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at: eliesa@photogen-inc.com Hope to see you at ELEVATE!



ELEVATE Workshop // Fall 2012 // NYC

It's time again to announce the next ELEVATE Workshop! We are still in the planning stages of the next event, and we wanted to get some feedback from you! If you are interested in attending ELEVATE, we would love you to take a moment to fill out the survey below! This would greatly help us get a hold on the number of attendees interested, dates that are best of everyone and the content that you are interested in learning!In the coming weeks, we will officially have the website up with more information about ELEVATE // NYC! Elevate2012.jpg

ELEVATE Workshop // Part 2

It's been a couple of weeks since the Elevate Workshopwrapped up and I'm still on cloud 9 from the amazing week! Not only that, but it's been SO cool to catch up with the attendees and see just how much of a change and immediate impact they are making on their businesses!I thought I'd share some photos with you all from my iphone! Many times, I don't have my big camera on me, and to be perfectly honest - the iphone is an AMAZING tool for an instant camera! My all-time-favorite-app-that-I-am-obsessed-with is Instagram. Seriously, if you are not on instagram - get it. It's highly addicting, and a beautiful, inspiring, easy way to both share images with the world and also see a constant stream of photos that may inspire you just the same!

So, on this gorgeous Monday, just sit back with your cup-of-coffee and enjoy these little snippets from my perspective of ELEVATE!

[blogshow id=4ea5934f8a878 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]

If you want to read and see more about the entire ELEVATE Workshop experience, check out Part 1 of this post!


ELEVATE Workshop // Part 1

Oh my goodness! I'm not even sure where to start on this blog post, because there is just SO much that I could say about the ELEVATE Workshop!! This is my second time hosting ELEVATEand it was truly an incredible experience! We had THE best group of people, coming together to learn, explore and push themselves to the next level! The common theme of this workshop was the concept of creating 'Honest Imagery' and how to challenge ourselves to shoot the best images, that will truly live on in time and not simply follow a trend. Personally, it is SO rewarding being able to teach others and organize workshops like this, because you can literally see everyone's mind's shift and make a positive change for their work, their business and their lives! ELEVATE isn't designed with an easy button, it's meant to make a person really dig inside themselves and ask WHY, because everyone has a different answer, goal and plan for their work, lives and businesses!The ELEVATE Workshop took place at Juliane James Place, which is one of the newest venue's for people getting married or hosting retreats in Minnesota! JJP is located in Finlayson, MN and it was absolutely perfect for this event! I wanted to host the workshop in the middle of the woods, with everything that is Minnesota-Fabuous! This meant nothing but flannel, tater tot hot dish and Bonfires! Everything came together absolutely beautifully, but I honestly couldn't have pulled this off on my own! A HUUUGE thank you to our Studio-Manager-Extraordinaire, Liz and JJP Owner, Alyson for being our personal chef's all week! These two ladies slaved away in the kitchen, making us 3 home-cooked-meals a day, that were absolutely phenomenal! I also would love to thank Brandon, Nate, Collin, Daniel and Sara for helping me haul tables, put up tents and set up our technology all week!

Two big highlights of the week were listening to some live music by Jim O'Neill for dinner and having a presentation via-the-internets with Richard Photo Lab! One of the most fabulous parts of the week was sharing this video from Elevate with all of the attendees! Motion Film and actual pictures are an entirely different experience and we are so lucky to have had Capture Studios create this awesome piece for us! So please, without further adieu, I encourage you to watch the video, take a gander thru the photos and hopefully experience a little bit of the beauty that was ELEVATE!

[blogshow id=4e9d94f9deaea player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]

During the week, we had an on-going shooting challenge for the attendees to document their experience that week, and in the end, everyone had to present one image that represented their time at ELEVATE and gave off the true vibe and feeling of the workshop! The winner was the one-and-only Megan Daas - I absolutely love her image!

elevate2blg0023.jpg Our major shooting challenge of the week was SO much fun! Jonny and Michelle, of Paper Antler, were gracious enough to take the time to head up north and be our real-life-models! The challenge was this: Each photographer had 10 minutes to shoot the couple, and in the end they would have to bring together 3 images in a triptych to tell a story. The wild card was that they had to use one crazy element - smoke bombs, sparklers or confetti poppers! I think it's SO cool to see everyone's images below! Even though we all had the same circumstances to work with, all of our images are SO different! I should also mention that for critique purposes, all of us had to shoot in .jpg and these images have not been touched at all in Photoshop!

[blogshow id=4e9d964db34ca player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]

A GIANT thank you to my guest speakers, Daniel Chin, Collin Hughes, Matt Brue and Brian Greenberg for taking the time out of their incredibly busy lives to be a part of this! I would also like to thank all of our sponsors for being so generous with the giveaways for our attendees:

Red Cart Into The Darkroom Richard Photo Lab Kelly Moore Bag H20 Creative Sara Kiesling Actions Slide Sideways Shawn Bielefeldt Motibodo

And last but not least, thank you SO much to all of the attendees! You all taught me more than you will ever know and I feel so incredibly humbled and honored to have been able to share this experience with you! Each and every one of you have SUCH a bright future ahead!


ELEVATE Workshop // Registration Deadline!

"Only passions, great passions can ELEVATE the soul to great things"

~ Denis Diderot

The deadline to sign up for the ELEVATE Workshop is only 24 hours away!

If you've been wishing, hoping, contemplating, and dreaming of attending this workshop, it's time to make it happen! The deadline is here and it's time to make this dream a reality! We have THE most incredible experience in store for you...



ELEVATE Workshop // October 10 - 13, 2011 // Spaces Still Available!

I am SO freaking excited with how the ELEVATE Workshop is shaping up! We have a fantastic group of people already signed up, and we still have a few seats available for all of you to join us! Our friends, and fellow guest speaker, over at Capture Studios, put together this awesome video from our last experience at ELEVATE - and it's just SO fun! I use the word 'experience', because that is truly what I want this workshop to be all about for you. I want you to be challenged, I want you to be WOW'd, I want you to walk away with a new sense of confidence and an understanding about where your business and work are going to go. I want you to come up with new ideas, meet new friends and think outside of the box.

ELEVATE is more than just an educational workshop. It's a community that we are all building to help one another grow!


October 10-13th, 2011 Juliane James Place, Finlayson, Minnesota

The deadline to sign up for the ELEVATE Workshop is Thursday, September 15th!!!

(And don't forget, this is an all-inclusive price, so the tuition covers all of your lodging, food and workshop experience for the entire week!) If you're on the fence, check out the video below and read this blog post on the TOP 5 Reasons to Attend ELEVATE! (Trust us, it's the best decision you will ever make! :0)

Elevate '11 Interviews from capture studios on Vimeo.

HUUUUGE thank-you to Capture Studios for taking the time to create this video for us!!

As for the rest of you, I can't WAIT to see you at ELEVATE!


Top 5 Reasons to Attend the ELEVATE Workshop!

-1.jpg The ELEVATE Workshop is officially 7 weeks away, as of today!!!! I am SO excited about this and I've been getting many e-mails from all of you, asking to know a little more about what the workshop is about! So, without further adieu, here are the Top 5 Reasons why the ELEVATE Workshop will rock your world...

1// It's all Inclusive

Did you get that? Seriously - everything is included in the workshop fee! (That's unheard of people!) It was SO important for me to create a workshop that harbored everything that I, personally, would want to sign up for! One of my greatest frustrations with workshops, in general, is the fact that you invest so much in the tuition, and by the time your travel, hotel and food are paid for, the price has almost doubled! I'm super proud of the fact that we have included ALL of your meals and ALL of your lodging, as well as your education in the workshop fee! There's nothing hidden - it's simply ALL included!

2// The Fabulous Giveaways Our sponsors are all amazing people who have influenced my business in many ways! For all of the attendees at ELEVATE, we will be giving away many, many discount codes (which = free $$) and we will also be giving away some HUUUUGE prizes, worth THOUSANDS of dollars to some lucky winners in our shooting challenges! When you add up all the giveaways, trust me, it's worth every penny to come!

3// The Experience

My goal with ELEVATE is to create an experience for all of the attendees, unlike any other educational-experience they have ever had! I'm sweating the small stuff and I want to WOW all of you, as the week goes on! I want you to constantly be inspired, so everything from our location, to the content, from the food, to the shooting challenges - absolutely everything is going to be super-fun and absolutely amazing! We are also bringing together SUCH an amazing group of people. The best moments of a workshop is usually seen in the down time, and the conversations that happen while we're digesting everything from the day.

4// The Challenge

ELEVATE is not a workshop for the faint of heart. We are going to get very real during our time together, because that is the place and the space where we push ourselves and change happens! Beyond our actual topics that we will cover during 'class time', the attendees will be having one-on-one, personal critiques with our guest speakers. AND, even better, you will have the opportunity to be critiqued by more than one of us, so you can get a different perspective and different outlook on what you need to do to take your business and images to the next level. We will also be having shooting challenges, which are meant to totally take you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking in an entirely new way!

5// ELEVATE Your Business

I named this workshop ELEVATE for a reason. It's truly meant to push you, in every single way and ultimately, leave you with new ideas, tools and inspirations to take your business to an entirely new level that you KNOW you want to go to! I really believe that getting out of your element, taking the time to focus on yourself, and surrounding yourself with the best-of-the-best is the perfect recipe for success! We have the most inspiring guest speakers who will teach, encourage, influence and motivate you to be the best you can be!

This is a workshop for those photographers who want to be the best. This is a workshop for photographers who know they can be the best. This is a workshop for photographers who are ready to be the best.

To learn more about the details of the ELEVATE Workshop, click here!

If you're ready to reserve your spot at this AMAZING workshop, we would love to have you!

And if you have any questions, I would love to talk to you: eliesa@photogen-inc.com


ELEVATE Workshop // October 10 - 13, 2011!!


IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

After much anticipation, I am SO excited to announce the next ELEVATE Workshop! Our first event was a smashing success and this time we have new guest speakers and a new location...that's right, we're bringing it back to the MIDWEST!

Dates: October 10-13th, 2011 Location: Juliane James Place, Finlayson, MN Speakers: Eliesa Johnson of Photogen Inc, Collin Hughes, Daniel Chin and Capture Studios


In the great up north...

We are going to have bonfires.

We are going to open up our minds.

We are going to eat hot dish!

We are going to go on a hike.

We are going to critique.

We are going to meet new friends.

We are going to see old friends.

We are going to sweat the small stuff.

We are going to take pictures.

We are going to have amazing conversation.

We are going to collaborate.

We are going to have SO much fun.

We are going to grow.

Screen shot 2011-08-03 at 1.33.29 PM.jpg

Elevate Workshop // A Dream Come True!

Last week was a giant week for me! As you may have read in previous blog posts, I've been planning a little workshop called Elevate. I have been thinking about this for about 2 years and have literally put everything I have into planning this over the last few months. It was my mission to put on the best. workshop. ever. for the attendees - and that meant their entire experience, from start to finish. The location, to me, was one of the most important factors. I wanted to be in a fun, creative space that was removed from our every-day-lives and the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs was absolutely perfect. In fact, everything was perfect. Of course, there are always things we can improve upon in the future, but we literally had the perfect group of AMAZINGLY talented photographers, the most solid guest speakers and incredibly ambitious shooting challenges. We also indulged in some of the best food and along with that came some fantastic conversation. We literally laughed, cried, and ultimately grew from this experience and I must say - we had more fun than I could have hoped for.

When you put on a workshop, it's an entirely different learning experience. I found myself saying, " I hope..." a lot of the time. About midway through the workshop, I took a moment to look around and really listen to the conversations that were going on. My hopes for Elevate had become a reality and I felt humbled and incredibly grateful for having accomplished everything I had set out to achieve with this workshop. I also realize that I couldn't have made this SO amazing, if I didn't have such amazing friends!

A HUGE thank you to Jen Harthorn for putting together our amazing flower arrangements and helped style our photoshoots! Jen and her assistant worked around the clock, creating some amazing art...can you say a flower beach ball?!?! Yep, that happened! Also, to Matt Brue and the Capture Studios crew who also worked tirelessly during the week to create some inspiring video clips to share with you all! I also have to thank our amazing studio manager, Liz, and our great friend, Jeffrey, for helping me with all of the logistics!!

Last but not least, I have to thank Brian Greenberg of Richard Photo Lab and Isabella Sikaffy of FloraBella for coming out and speaking to us! These two really were the icing on the cake for Elevate! The conversations and the knowledge that they gave to us is truly invaluable and I am SO thankful that they believed in Elevate, and wanted to be a part of it!

Alright...now, I'll stop chatting...and share with you, some very pretty pictures...and yes...Jesus stopped by!


We kicked off our first night with a fun shooting challenge with RJ Kern. RJ taught us all about a technique called 'painting with light'. We simply had a bunch of fun testing out this new bag-of-tricks we learned and here are the results:


The second shooting challenge was underwater! I was absolutely blown away by the images that our attendees created! Each person had 5 minutes and 1 descriptive word that they had to convey...not an easy task! Here are the words...can you tell which word belongs to each photo?

Energize, Melancholy, Statuesque, Provocative,  Chic, Whimsical, Delightful, Bizarre, and Memorizing.



Our last shooting challenge was a team challenge. Each team had to work together to create a triptych with a cohesive theme revolving around the word 'honeymoon'. Each person had to submit one image towards the triptych, yet they all had to be on the same page with an overall vision!


Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my sponsors, guest speakers, models and most importantly, the wonderful attendees! Each and every one of you are incredible artists and people! I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you more and help you grow! You all made Elevate everything I had dreamed it could be!

Cheers to Elevate!


Elevate Workshop // Day 1 Video!

For those of you who don't know, I am in Palm Springs, teaching my workshop, called Elevate! As I've been dreaming up this week, I had one goal, which was to create an atmosphere as a platform for people to connect and grow. It goes way beyond that, but I'm currently getting ready for day 2 and I am floored. I'm so impressed by the talent that is at this workshop and their willingness to open up and I'm humbled and honored to be teaching with them.

I say teaching with, because I am pretty sure they are teaching me more than they know!

The oh-so-awesome Capture Studios put together this amazing same-day-edit to share with you all just a little of what we have been up to! Make sure to watch it in full screen - it's that good!

I will most definitely be sharing more about Elevate as the days go on, but I just had to share this with you right away!

Here's to another beautiful day!


Get Pumped Up! Elevate 2011!

eliesa proofs 097.jpg Dear Lovely Friends,

Things are coming together and my first-ever-big-workshop is quickly approaching! I could honestly not be more excited about this opportunity and I am beyond thrilled with all of the wonderful attendees who have signed up thus far!

As I'm writing this, I'm working from a Noodles & Co, putting together some presentation notes before I head off to a shoot and I felt compelled to write a little something to you all!

For the past few weeks, I've LIVED Elevate! I've been promoting it, writing endless e-mails, facebook messages and tweets about all of the exciting things to come! However, I also feel like I'm bombarding people with information that they can't comprehend  - or are currently overloaded by the vast amount of workshops that are being offered right now, all by fabulous photographers! So, hopefully, this little letter will be a more honest approach to get my message across, because I'm sounding like a walking advertisement - even to myself!


Elevate is a workshop for advanced wedding photographers, that is taking place Jan 10-13th at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs! I've been dreaming up this workshop for quite a long time and I am THRILLED that it's finally going to happen!

The point of the workshop is all about how to elevate ourselves to the next level! There are many workshops out there for beginners, but once you get the basics, where do you go from there? We will be talking in depth about many topics including:

Conceptual Shooting Wedding Photographer vs Photographer Inspiration Collaboration Marketing Having a Staff - or not, which is better for you!

We will also be having a business panel full of amazing people, including Richard Photo Lab, Isabella Sikaffy, who is a premier wedding planner/designer, Matt Brue, who is the amazing mind behind Capture Studios, and Jen from Jens Blossoms, who is a fabulous florist! This panel is composed of people from all different realms of the wedding world and we are going to dive into various conversation and really think about how we can all work together to make our work even more amazing!

Our shooting challenges will also be amazing! We will be doing an underwater shoot, one location shoot and also a night time shoot! Think of these as 'Project Runway' challenges, with the winners receiving some AMAZING prizes! Our prizes include 1 year of FREE service from Shoot Q, a Complete Red Cart ($999) Value, H20 Creative album design templates & SEO tutorials and more! We will also be giving away one-on-one mentor sessions with each of our guest speakers!!

WHOA - that's a lot, right? RIGHT! I've been to so many amazing workshops, seminars, etc, that my one goal, overall, is to give one unforgettable experience! Everything from the content to the shooting opportunities, to our AMAZING guest speakers and location is OFF THE HOOK!

I know that one concern that many of you have concerns money, it always does! From my personal experience, every time I have wanted to attend a workshop and didn't know if I could swing it, I've proven to myself that that is just about the time when I need it the most! To those of you out there who are concerned with money, I get it! However, I encourage you to really think about the value that Elevate could bring to your business, the inspiration to grow bigger - and the knowledge to do so!! I've heard a lot of 'I Wish' comments out there, so this is my call to action for you! It's the holidays, and 2011 - a new year and a new season - will be here before we know it! Take the plunge, take the risk, get uncomfortable and allow yourself the freedom to explore and grow...it's a beautiful thing!

We are running a special, so the next 7 people who sign up will receive $200 off, which brings the total workshop tuition to $1175! This INCLUDES your workshop fee, your 3 night stay at the Ace Hotel AND your breakfast and lunch! It's one AMAZING deal of a workshop! The deadline to sign up is January 1st!

For more information, visit the Elevate website: http://www.photogen-inc.com/workshop

If you are ready to join us, Sign Up Here!

 We would love to see you there! Please let me know if you have any other questions!


ELEVATE WORKSHOP - Dealine Extended!

Hello Friends!I'm happy to announce that the deadline to sign up for the Elevate Workshop has been extended! You will now have until Saturday, January 1st to register to be with us in Palm Springs!

Again, the official dates of the workshop are January 10-13th and we will be at the OH-so-Fabulous Ace Hotel!

We also have 7 seats available from our special promotion we are running! The next 7 people to sign up for Elevate will receive $200 off their tuition price! That is one AMAZING deal!

As always - make sure to visit the Elevate Website for more fancy details!

Elevate Workshop photo

Hope to see you in Palm Springs!!LOVEe

ELEVATE Promotion!!!

Update!!! We have 7 seats available for the $200 off promotion! The deadline to sign up is December 1st - so there are only 2 days left to register!!! Reserve your spot today, we would LOVE to have you in Palm Springs!


You've talked and we've listened!

I am SUPER excited to offer one FABULOUS promotion for the whole Cyber-Monday Craze!

The Next 7 People who sign up for Elevate will receive $200 off their tuition!! ALSO...

Many of you have expressed interest in traveling and experiencing Elevate with a friend! The Bring-A-Friend promotion offers a little incentive for you to make this dream a reality!

For every friend that you get to register for Elevate, you receive $100 off per friend!

So, lets say you have 4 friends who want to come...you can potentially get an additional $400 off!!


The BIG promotion for $200 off is only offered to the next 10 attendees who sign up, so GO GO GO GO GO  and sign up NOW!!! 

It doesn't get any better than this!

For more information about Elevate, check out the workshop website!!

Ready to sign up! Welcome to Elevate!

And of course, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions to workshop@photogen-inc.com

Happy Shopping!!!



The ELEVATE site is LIVE! Over the past couple of weeks, I have really poured everything I have into getting ready to announce this workshop to our industry! Late nights, long days, a zillion phone calls - you name it! However, I am SO SO SO excited about how things have shaped up for this workshop and this is only the beginning!

Elevate is all about taking you business, your art, your personal style, your relationships and your bookings to the next level. This is a workshop that is all about taking the amazing business you have already created and learning how you can make it stronger and rise to it's potential!

I am thrilled to finally announce the official website of ELEVATE!

January 10-13, 2011

The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

Elevate is an advanced wedding photography workshop that is going way beyond the basics! My goal for this workshop is to create an environment that is incredibly inspiring! I am just swooning over our location, which is at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA! .

The official site has all of the in-depth info you will need to learn about this workshop!

I hope to see you in Palm Springs!


Elevate 2.jpg

Announcing: ELEVATE // Pre-Registration is OPEN!

YEAH!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! I am thrilled to finally announce ELEVATE!

January 10-13, 2011

The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

I have been talking about hosting a big workshop for about 2 years now and I am beyond exciting that we are actually doing this - and I am even more excited about how many incredible people are going to be a part of this workshop!

I have been to many, many amazing workshops over the years - all of which I have learned SO much valuable information from! However, in the past year, I've been frustrated, because I have felt that there is a lack of education for those of us who have been in the industry for a while and run successful businesses.Hence, Elevate was born!

Elevate is an advanced wedding photography workshop that is going way beyond the basics! My goal for this workshop is to create an environment that is incredibly inspiring! I am just swooning over our location, which is at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA!

We are going to have pool parties. We are going to open up our minds. We are going to eat really good food! We are going to go on a bike ride. We are going to critique. We are going to meet new friends. We are going to see old friends. We are going to sweat the small stuff. We are going to take pictures. We are going to have amazing conversation. We are going to collaborate. We are going to have SO much fun. We are going to grow.

Elevate is all about taking you business, your art, your personal style, your relationships and your bookings to the next level. This is a workshop that is all about taking the amazing business you have already created and learning how you can make it stronger and rise to it's potential!

Pre-registration is open for the next 5 days - November 17th!!

To pre-register or request more information, please visit the ELEVATE site!

(You will also see that the official website will launch in 5 days - we just thought we would tease you a little bit first!)