Get Pumped Up! Elevate 2011!

eliesa proofs 097.jpg Dear Lovely Friends,

Things are coming together and my first-ever-big-workshop is quickly approaching! I could honestly not be more excited about this opportunity and I am beyond thrilled with all of the wonderful attendees who have signed up thus far!

As I'm writing this, I'm working from a Noodles & Co, putting together some presentation notes before I head off to a shoot and I felt compelled to write a little something to you all!

For the past few weeks, I've LIVED Elevate! I've been promoting it, writing endless e-mails, facebook messages and tweets about all of the exciting things to come! However, I also feel like I'm bombarding people with information that they can't comprehend  - or are currently overloaded by the vast amount of workshops that are being offered right now, all by fabulous photographers! So, hopefully, this little letter will be a more honest approach to get my message across, because I'm sounding like a walking advertisement - even to myself!


Elevate is a workshop for advanced wedding photographers, that is taking place Jan 10-13th at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs! I've been dreaming up this workshop for quite a long time and I am THRILLED that it's finally going to happen!

The point of the workshop is all about how to elevate ourselves to the next level! There are many workshops out there for beginners, but once you get the basics, where do you go from there? We will be talking in depth about many topics including:

Conceptual Shooting Wedding Photographer vs Photographer Inspiration Collaboration Marketing Having a Staff - or not, which is better for you!

We will also be having a business panel full of amazing people, including Richard Photo Lab, Isabella Sikaffy, who is a premier wedding planner/designer, Matt Brue, who is the amazing mind behind Capture Studios, and Jen from Jens Blossoms, who is a fabulous florist! This panel is composed of people from all different realms of the wedding world and we are going to dive into various conversation and really think about how we can all work together to make our work even more amazing!

Our shooting challenges will also be amazing! We will be doing an underwater shoot, one location shoot and also a night time shoot! Think of these as 'Project Runway' challenges, with the winners receiving some AMAZING prizes! Our prizes include 1 year of FREE service from Shoot Q, a Complete Red Cart ($999) Value, H20 Creative album design templates & SEO tutorials and more! We will also be giving away one-on-one mentor sessions with each of our guest speakers!!

WHOA - that's a lot, right? RIGHT! I've been to so many amazing workshops, seminars, etc, that my one goal, overall, is to give one unforgettable experience! Everything from the content to the shooting opportunities, to our AMAZING guest speakers and location is OFF THE HOOK!

I know that one concern that many of you have concerns money, it always does! From my personal experience, every time I have wanted to attend a workshop and didn't know if I could swing it, I've proven to myself that that is just about the time when I need it the most! To those of you out there who are concerned with money, I get it! However, I encourage you to really think about the value that Elevate could bring to your business, the inspiration to grow bigger - and the knowledge to do so!! I've heard a lot of 'I Wish' comments out there, so this is my call to action for you! It's the holidays, and 2011 - a new year and a new season - will be here before we know it! Take the plunge, take the risk, get uncomfortable and allow yourself the freedom to explore and's a beautiful thing!

We are running a special, so the next 7 people who sign up will receive $200 off, which brings the total workshop tuition to $1175! This INCLUDES your workshop fee, your 3 night stay at the Ace Hotel AND your breakfast and lunch! It's one AMAZING deal of a workshop! The deadline to sign up is January 1st!

For more information, visit the Elevate website:

If you are ready to join us, Sign Up Here!

 We would love to see you there! Please let me know if you have any other questions!