The Keepers Issue!

The 2nd annual Keepers Awards are out in the January issue of Metro Magazine! The essence of this award is to honor 8 amazing artist (actors, musicians, dancers, etc) who are doing big things and that Minneapolis also wants to 'keep' in the city! When I got the assignment, I really wanted to focus on straight up portraits of these people. No bullshit, just a striking portrait. Take a peek at a preview of the article below + unpublished portraits of all the winners!

The Keepers are:

Brock Davis: Ad Man Taja Will: Dancer Monica Haller: Photographer / Writer Toki Wright: MC Randy Reyes: Actor Ethan Rutherford: Writer Max Lohrbach: Fashion Designer Mo Perry: Actor

metrokeep09blg0001.jpg metrokeep09blg0002.jpg metrokeep09blg0003.jpg metrokeep09blg0004.jpg metrokeep09blg0005.jpg metrokeep09blg0006.jpg metrokeep09blg0007.jpg metrokeep09blg0008.jpg metrokeep09blg0009.jpg metrokeep09blg0010.jpg

Check out the full issue on news stands now!!