The NOVEMBER Issue Is here!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. I can not tell you how proud I am!!!! AND the sense of accomplishment I feel about THIS cover and THIS shoot! As you all know, Minneapolis isn't exactly the epicenter of high fashion. However, I have been wanting to show people in this city that you CAN purchase a $4000 jacket here if you want to! I also wanted to push the limits editorially in the city. A lot of the 'fashion' shoots that happen here are still very safe and catalog like to appeal to readers going out and buying the product. I wanted to break the boundaries of all that is 'sensible' for Minneapolis.

Now, Metro Magazine has been one of my clients for almost 3 years now and I have been lobbying for a shoot like this for just about that long! I was persistent about the idea - probably to the point of annoying some people - but I really REALLY wanted to do this! A couple months ago, I got the thumbs up and a DREAM team was assembled! Grant Whittaker is seriously the best stylist in town and he did a phenomenal job pulling looks (We had over $150,000 in clothes, shoes and accessories!), the award winning Faatemah built the wigs and the oh-so-fabulous Kumi rocked the makeup! And not to forget my fabulous crew who spent 5 hours testing lights with me the night before + a 13 hour shooting day....


I definitely felt some pressure on this shoot. To prove to the magazine that photos like this CAN fly in this market, to the public that you CAN shop like this and to myself that I CAN pull off an amazing shoot like this, that my team is strong enough - and shit, that you CAN make a dream come true!

So, ladies and gentleman...

Here is a preview...go buy the magazine!!!!! (It looks AMAZING in print!)

metfashPicture 3.jpg metfashPicture 4.jpg metfashPicture 5.jpg metfashPicture 6.jpg metfashPicture 8.jpg metfashPicture 9.jpg

BAHHHH!!!! So excited!

I hope you LOVE!