Anne and Brandon: Engaged!

It's officially summer in Minnesota and it came just in time for Anne and Brandon's engagement session! I first met Anne when she was a bridesmaid for Lisha and Andrew's wedding! I absolutely fell in love with this girl - and apparently so did she with me! Anne is a girl who absolutely knows what she wants in life! When she met Brandon, it was everything you would imagine in a summer romance. However, Brandon had to leave to go to Europe for two years to play professional hockey! The distance just didn't matter to these two and the moment that Brandon knew that 'she was the one' was when Anne surprised him, in Europe, for his team's finals!

She found her man and he got his girl...the rest is history!

Congratulations to Anne and Brandon! These two have an amazing wedding planned in northern MN this summer....think bonfires, lakes and big trees...I can't WAIT!