Ashley and Matt // Engaged!

Ashley and Matt are incredible. Seriously, I have had so much fun getting to know them and it's clear that they bring the fun and joy to everyone they meet! Ashley is a girl who has it all. She's incredibly smart and also drop dead gorgeous. She's a natural beauty who's smile goes on for days and then chemistry that her and Matt have together is undeniable! The couple met in college and when they first met as Freshman, Matt knew this was his girl. He pursued Ashley and four years later, Matt surprised Ashley with a proposal in Memorial Day weekend. Ashley and Matt have a very strong bond. They also support each other in the most amazing way. Ashley is currently in med school in St Louis and Matt is up here in Minneapolis focusing on his amazing job in the medical field. It's clear when you are around them that the distance has made them stronger, but also that they will go to the ends of the earth to support each other in their own individual endeavors. It also means that when they are together, there is nothing but fun, love, family and friends surrounding these two!


Congratulations to Ashley and Matt on their engagement! I can't wait for your wedding this coming summer!