Brandyn and Mario: Engaged!

Brandyn and Mario have an amazing story and oddly enough, I have been right there in their journey this entire time! I met Brandyn a few years ago when she founded a very famous luxury realty company. She was THE boss lady and I was hired to do headshots + some event photography for this company. I remember the first time I saw Brandyn she whirled into the office in an amazing outfit and some phenomenal shoes! She also had such a drive and presence about her - I instantly loved this woman! The night came to shoot her big launch of her company in Minneapolis and THAT was the night that she met Mario. I was literally there the night my clients met each other - how awesome is that?!?!?

Mario is an amazing man. He is a solid guy and a true gentleman. During the early part of their relationship, Brandyn needed a kidney transplant. Mario was THE perfect match and without question, THE MAN GAVE HER HIS KIDNEY!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?! That is taking this whole love thing to a WHOLE different level!

Since the transplant, Brandyn left the corporate world to pursue a more balanced life and this past year she opened Sigh Yoga in Minneapolis! This is a fabulous yoga studio that features a huge variety for all of your yogi-needs! I absolutely love that this couple started a company that has changed their lives and not only pushed themselves, but also many others to lead healthier lives!

Brandyn and Mario are truly a remarkable couple and I am SO honored to be shooting their wedding this spring!

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Congratulations to Brandyn and Mario on their engagement!