Clare and Ryan: Engaged!

I have the BEST job in the world, I mean, each and every day, I am truly living my dream and that is the best thing in the world to be able to say. I also, truly, have the best clients in the world. It amazes me how year after year, I book THE most amazing couples and get the opportunity to document them throughout one of the biggest moments of their life. I talk a lot about my 'perfect' client, and there's no better way to describe it other than the energy that they have. I 100% have to connect with the couple I am booking before we sign a contract and I think that is a GIANT reason for getting the clientele that I do - I think they are amazing people, most of whom I end up being great friends with after our business interactions have been settled. Clare and Ryan are the perfect example of this relationship. Clare had been following my work for quite a while and from the first e-mails, phone calls and Skype dates to follow, I completely fell in love with her. She's hilarious, has impeccable style and is SO in love with her fiance, Ryan. She has that little sparkle in her eye when she talks about them and you can just tell that she is one of those brides who is not only pumped for her wedding, but SO EXCITED for their future life together and all of the possibilities that THAT adventure holds!I didn't meet Ryan until flying to Cleveland for their engagement session and after seeing the two of them together, I fell in love with them even more. She adores him, he adores her and they just love to be together. To really, honestly, just be together is one of the 'small things' and simple luxuries that they don't take for granted. It was refreshing to talk to them, see their life and just hang out.
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Congratulations to Clare and Ryan on your engagement! You are an AMAZING couple and I can not wait for the big day!