Daniel and Venina: Engaged!

Daniel and Venina are a powerhouse couple! He's a Radiologist in Seattle and she has the fabulous job as an Art Director for Target! When we started to talk about her engagement session and wedding, Venina got super excited, since she got to help in 'Art Directing' her own shoot! Our common theme came back to the color Blue. Throughout her wedding, there will be accents of Oxygen Blue...doesn't that just sound cool, fresh and clean? While photographing their engagements, I kept those three words in mind: Cool, Fresh and Clean. I think I nailed it! ;0)

One more thing I love about this couple is their commitment to tradition. Both Daniel and Venina are from Indonesia and they are traveling all the way back to their home country for a reception, in addition to their American wedding! I think that is so cool to honor their traditions and make the effort to celebrate with their family members who live there! Plus, they get to basically have two parties...bonus!

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Congratulations to Daniel and Venina!