David and LeAnna: Engaged!

David and LeAnna are high school sweethearts! This super-cute-couple has been through it all! They have been together for a total of 7 years and they are SO great together! I'm also a HUGE fan of LeAnna's hair and fabulous shoe style...and I love David's input and ideas when it comes to their photographs! (The last photo in this post was David's idea and I LOVE it!) This couple's wedding will be taking place this fall, so stay tuned!
60018.jpg 60019.jpg 60020.jpg 60028.jpg 60029.jpg 60031.jpg 60032.jpg 60030.jpg 60033.jpg 60034.jpg 60035.jpg 60021.jpg 60022.jpg 60023.jpg 60025.jpg 60024.jpg 60026.jpg 60027.jpg

Congratulations to David and LeAnna on their engagement!