Engaged // Nate and Nicole

I love my job, so so so much. A large part in that is because of our amazing clients that invite us into their lives! Nicole and Nate are really the epitome of my perfect client. They are fun, absolutely adore each other and...my god...they are also gorgeous. What is even better is how I met the couple. I was first introduced to Nicole and Nate when their wedding planner, Gretchen at Rocket Science Weddings and Events, called me and said, "There is this couple you just have to meet...please say you are available for their date!" Luckily, I was and we all hit it off perfectly at our first meeting. I mention that I love the way I met this couple, because it's one thing for me to know who my clients, are, but I also love it when wedding coordinators, planners and designers know that we will be a perfect fit for their clients as well. It all comes together in this beautiful circle of collaboration on the client's wedding day and there's simply nothing more rewarding .  Now, back to our first meeting. I know I was head-over-heals in love with this couple when they mentioned that they really wanted to go wake boarding for their engagement session! Um...yes please! Sign me up! I have been looking forward to this engagement session all summer and we literally had the perfect day  - and the most beautiful golden light - for the shoot. I'm also very in love with these images, because Nicole and Nate were simply enjoying the evening together, and they are so natural in every single picture. They're having fun, letting loose and I was there to document it. That is the recipe for a perfect engagement session! We all (myself included) got in the water and had some fun...maybe I'm biased, but I think the photos speak for themselves!

Congratulations to Nicole and Nate on their engagement! Thank you for allowing me to document this time in your lives and relationship...and of course, for teaching me how to wake surf! Our team is so looking forward to your wedding!