Felicia and Sean: Engaged!

Felicia and Sean have a real, true love. So true in fact that Sean was willing to do whatever it took to ask Felicia out after the first time he laid eyes on her! I don't blame the guy - Felicia is absolutely gorgeous and together they make one stunning couple! I actually grew up in the same town as Felicia, but our circles never really connected until she e-mailed me about her exciting news! The cool part of growing up is that you are able to re-connect - or even connect for the first time with people from your past to create lasting relationships! I always thought that Felicia was great - she was always so nice, confident and I have always been secretly jealous of her hair...I think she wins best hair ever!

Sean met Felicia in College when she was a senior and he was a freshman, where they both went to school for jobs in the Ministry. Again, it was love at first sight and now the on-going joke is that she's a Cougar....I like it! A lot!

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Congratulations to Felicia and Sean on their engagement! I can't WAIT for their wedding this spring!