Jayde and Matt: Engaged!

Jayde and Matt are a very special couple! These two love-birds have a fabulous story - and the forces of life totally brought them together to find true love! For this session, we ventured into a cool little shop called Arts & Architecture for a quirky, vintage twist!
0001jaydematt.jpg 0002jaydematt.jpg 0003jaydematt.jpg 0004jaydematt.jpg 0005jaydematt.jpg 0006jaydematt.jpg 0007jaydematt.jpg 0008jaydematt.jpg 0009jaydematt.jpg 0010jaydematt.jpg 0011jaydematt.jpg 0012jaydematt.jpg 0013jaydematt.jpg I am super excited and super happy for Jayde and Matt! This couple will be getting married in the spring of 2010 with a vintage inspired wedding....stay tuned!

Congratulations to Jayde and Matt on their engagement!