Jessie and Dave: Engaged & Expecting!

Jessie and Dave are total high-school-sweethearts! You know when you meet those couple that just LOOK like they should be together - that was the first impression I had of these two! The couple came to meet with my for their wedding photography this winter and they had also just found out that they were expecting! We decided to do an engagement / maternity session - and I absolutely LOVE it! While shooting, Dave made the comment  "Gosh, I can't believe how much we have grown since high school..." I thought it was super cute!
bellblog0001.jpg bellblog0002.jpg bellblog0003.jpg bellblog0004.jpg bellblog0005.jpg bellblog0006.jpg bellblog0007.jpg bellblog0008.jpg bellblog0009.jpg bellblog0010.jpg bellblog0011.jpg Jessie and Dave will welcome their new family member this summer and their wedding is this fall - I am ecstatic to meet their little one and shoot their wedding!