Kate and Kyle // Engaged!

parranblog0001 parranblog0002 parranblog0003 parranblog0004 parranblog0005 parranblog0006 parranblog0007 parranblog0008 parranblog0009 parranblog0010 parranblog0011 parranblog0012 parranblog0013 parranblog0014 parranblog0015 parranblog0016 parranblog0017 parranblog0018 parranblog0019 Congratulations to Kate and Kyle on their engagement! Spring is finally here and it was so great to get outside! We chose to adventure out on the back paths of Minnehaha Falls and along the creek for their session. These two will be getting married in the fall and I can't wait for their big day!