Kayla and Eric // Engaged!

When Kayla and Eric came to my studio for their initial consultation, I literally fell in love with this couple immediately. And when I say 'I fell in love' with them, I really mean it. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever really met a couple that is like Kayla and Eric. They have a love that is so special, so rare, and so pure, it is undeniable. If there was an example of a couple who is destine to be together, it is most definitely these two. I know I'm not making much sense to you readers, because it really is hard to explain. When you are around Kayla and Eric, even for just a few minutes, you believe in love and if you are already in love, they make you want to love deeper. For their engagement session, we went to the farm where Kayla grew up. I had this vision of a wide open space for them. Both Kayla and Eric are professional dancers who are very active and on-the-go. They also have a very unique sense of style, that I absolutely adore!  


Congratulations to Kayla and Eric on their engagement! I can't WAIT for the big day!