Kristi and Ande: A NYC Engagement!

Kristi and Ande are amazing. I mean these two are SO great as individuals, but then you bring them together as a couple and it's like WHOA! They truly compliment each other in such a great way, you can not help but fall in love with them. Love is a funny thing. Kristi and Ande knew of each other in high school, hung out around some of the same people and were in some of the same activities, but never dated. Years later, they re-connected and the sparks flew! I think that is the great thing about love. The way that people find each other is so unpredictable, yet precisely planned at the same time!

Love is truly a very cool thing.

For their engagement session, I traveled to NYC and we had a BLAST walking around the city! It was also double-the-fun, because my great friend and New York photographer, Ajit came along to shoot with me! I had an incredible day in the city and I love the images!

anelloblg0001.jpg anelloblg0002.jpg anelloblg0003.jpg anelloblg0004.jpg anelloblg0005.jpg anelloblg0007.jpg anelloblg0008.jpg anelloblg0009.jpg anelloblg0010.jpg anelloblg0011.jpg anelloblg0012.jpg anelloblg0013.jpg anelloblg0014.jpg anelloblg0015.jpg anelloblg0016.jpg anelloblg0017.jpg anelloblg0018.jpg anelloblg0019.jpg anelloblg0020.jpg anelloblg0021.jpg anelloblg0022.jpg anelloblg0023.jpg anelloblg0024.jpg anelloblg0025.jpg anelloblg0026.jpg anelloblg0027.jpg anelloblg0028.jpg anelloblg0029.jpg anelloblg0030.jpg anelloblg0031.jpg

Congratulations to Kristi and Ande on their engagement! These two will be getting married in the fall - and there is no doubt about it, it's gonna be the shit!