Kristi and Herb: Engaged!

Kristi and Herb are a fabulous couple! They have great style - no matter if it is their killer condo, attire or attitude - they are an impeccable couple all around! Spring is one of my favorite times to photograph in Minnesota, because the trees are blooming pink and the LIME green color in the grass is amazing!

For their engagement session, Kristi and Herb invited me into their home for a casual start - then we snazzed it up!

yarnellblg1.jpg yarnellblg2.jpg yarnellblg3.jpg yarnellblg4.jpg yarnellblg5.jpg yarnellblg6.jpg yarnellblg7.jpg yarnellblg8.jpg yarnellblg9.jpg yarnellblg10.jpg yarnellblg11.jpg yarnellblg12.jpg yarnellblg13.jpg yarnellblg14.jpg yarnellblg15.jpg yarnellblg16.jpg yarnellblg17.jpg yarnellblg18.jpg Congratulations to Kristi and Herb on their engagement! eliesa