Lindsey and Trevor // Engaged!

LindseyTrevorBlog0001 LindseyTrevorBlog0002 LindseyTrevorBlog0003 LindseyTrevorBlog0004 LindseyTrevorBlog0005 LindseyTrevorBlog0006 LindseyTrevorBlog0007 LindseyTrevorBlog0008 LindseyTrevorBlog0009 LindseyTrevorBlog0010 LindseyTrevorBlog0011 LindseyTrevorBlog0012 LindseyTrevorBlog0013 LindseyTrevorBlog0014 LindseyTrevorBlog0015 LindseyTrevorBlog0016 LindseyTrevorBlog0017 LindseyTrevorBlog0018 LindseyTrevorBlog0019 LindseyTrevorBlog0020 LindseyTrevorBlog0021 LindseyTrevorBlog0022 Lindsey and Trevor are wonderful together. I don't know if there is really any other way to describe them, but they make so much sense.  From their values to their personalities, everything with Lindsey and Trevor is a perfect fit. The couple met at a friend's party years ago and they have been together ever since. It was one of those moments in life where a friend asks you to come to a gathering, you don't really want to go and decide, "Oh, alright, I'll swing on by." Before you know it, your life is changed forever! I'm so excited for their wedding this fall and congratulations to this happy couple on their engagement!