Sarah and David: Engaged!

Sarah and David met at a wedding 5 1/2 years ago! David actually caught the garter and this is the first time I have ever REALLY heard of that working out! I have to hand it to this couple. Not only are they awesome, but they are truly up for anything life brings them - or should we say that a photo shoot might bring them? I have never had a client break, sprain, rip or tear anything (knock on wood), but I have been known to ask an awful lot of my clients during their sessions! Well, I just haaaaaad to have these two right by the water for their session and these two jumped, climbed, and piggy-backed their way through their awesome session!

ugelblg0001.jpg ugelblg0002.jpg ugelblg0003.jpg ugelblg0004.jpg ugelblg0005.jpg ugelblg0006.jpg ugelblg0007.jpg ugelblg0008.jpg ugelblg0009.jpg ugelblg0010.jpg ugelblg0011.jpg ugelblg0012.jpg ugelblg0013.jpg ugelblg0014.jpg

Congratulations to Sarah and David on their engagement!