Sheri and David: Engaged!

Sheri and David were the last clients to book for the 2010 season! When I got Sheri's inquiry, I absolutely knew that I just haaaaaaad to be there photographer! This cute couple will be getting hitched on top of a mountain in Aspen this coming fall! How perfect is THAT?!?!? Once I spoke with Sheri on the phone, that was it, we were a perfect match. I met Sheri and David in their hometown of Chicago for their engagement session and I must say, these two are real troopers! The weather was quite chilly with a lovely wintry mix of rain and snow the day of their session. Despite the weather, I had a blast with these two and I know they will be up for creating amazing images the day of their wedding!

Did I mention they are getting married on a mountain top? I can't WAIT.

meierblg0001.jpg meierblg0002.jpg meierblg0003.jpg meierblg0004.jpg meierblg0005.jpg meierblg0006.jpg meierblg0007.jpg meierblg0008.jpg meierblg0009.jpg meierblg0010.jpg meierblg0011.jpg meierblg0012.jpg meierblg0013.jpg meierblg0041.jpg meierblg0015.jpg meierblg0016.jpg

Congratulations to Sheri and David on their engagement!!