Steph and Jordan // Engaged!

I've known this bride for a long, long time. We grew up in the same hometown and I've had the pleasure of documenting her sister's wedding a few years ago. Life is kind of a funny thing sometimes, especially when you grow up in a small town. When you come 'where we come from', mostly-everyone-knows everything-about-everyone; however, as we've all grown up and established our lives, it's crazy how paths cross later on down the road. Being a photographer, I have the privilege of being invited to document some of the most important moments in people's lives. It also gives me an entirely new perspective on people, whether I've known then for life or for just a few months! The Drake family is such a solid family. After having the opportunity to really get to know them more, it's clear that their bond goes deep. Steph is the youngest of three girls and I feel like ever since I have known her, she's been waiting for her prince charming. When I met Jordan for the first time, it was SO clear that she had not only found her man, but she had also found her best friend in life. Steph is beautiful and you can tell that Jordan respects his wife-to-be more than anything. Seriously - all you have to do is hang out with this couple for 5 minutes and it's obvious they have found their perfect match!

The couple actually met years ago in college. Yet, they were both dating different people, so nothing more happened. Years later, Jordan 'moved to town' for a job and phoned a friend to ask if there were any 'cool people...and maybe any cute single girls' that he knew of. Lucky for him, Steph was single and when they re-connected, they hit it off immediately. I could go on about how cool this story is, but one thing I love about shooting couples and this time in their lives is the mystery and unpredictable-ness in every client's love story. Timing was everything for Steph and Jordan and when the timing is right, magic happens!

For their engagement session, we did a little something special. Steph and Jordan are HUGE Vikings fans and we were able to get some time with the stadium to ourselves! It was super fun and when you look at the photos, pay attention to their jerseys...they may be custom...and the numbers just might correspond with their wedding date: 7.27.13! It bring an entirely new meaning to the term SKOL, Vikings!


Congratulations to Steph and Jordan on their engagement! And thanks for such a fun session!