Mary and Nick // Engaged!

MaryNickBlog_0001 MaryNickBlog_0002 MaryNickBlog_0003 MaryNickBlog_0004 MaryNickBlog_0005 MaryNickBlog_0006 MaryNickBlog_0007 MaryNickBlog_0008 MaryNickBlog_0009 MaryNickBlog_0010 MaryNickBlog_0011 MaryNickBlog_0012 MaryNickBlog_0013 Winter is suddenly upon us here in Minneapolis! For Mary and Nick's engagement session, we shot inside the Walker Art Museum, which is one of my favorite modern spaces to be in. It's so bright and refreshing, which matches the outside vibe of Minnesota right now - without the cold! Mary and Nick are a wonderful couple and I have had so much fun getting to know these two! I look forward to sharing more photos of them on their wedding day!