2010: One AMAZING year!

2010 has been one crazy, yet ridiculously awesome year! While doing this blog post, it kind of blows my mind to see all of the things we have accomplished! I mean, seriously, how am I still standing upright?!? I think I am the type of person who thrives, the busier I am! I love momentum and I think that is SO important in both life and business! Here's a little recap on our amazing year: 1: Kicked things off with my first book! 2: Photographed SO many amazing weddings! We had THE most fabulous clients in 2010 - thank you to each and every one of you for letting us be a part of your day! 3: Guest Spoke at our friend Jeffrey's workshop 4: Launched LOVEe Consults and the MINNeSHOPS 5: Hung out and grew our relationships with our photographer friends! 6: Made a music video, that ended up being quite controversial, and for the record, this was made for pure fun. No other reason. So many of you LOVED this and so did we! 7: Separated my wedding and commercial work with the launch of the ELIESA brand. 8: SO enjoyed seeing my ladies on our annual trip - this year we went to MOAB! 9: Took some time to soul search with Ms. Montour. 10: Continued to push our own limits! The Photogen Inc team has grown and we are stronger than ever! 2010 came with more features, both in magazines, books and blogs! And, we even won a few awards...WPPI Print Competition, Nomination for NAHA and an AdFed Award on the commercial side!


All in all, we want to sincerely thank our clients and blog readers! Photogen Inc would not be what it is with out each and every one of you! You keep us going and make living our dreams a reality! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy New Years to you all! Here's to a FABULOUS 2011!