Dear Minnesota,

You've been very, very gray and depressed lately. And what is the deal with not giving us all an Autumn? Fall is suppose to be for warmer, sunny days that are perfect for hoodies and lovely walks! I'm simply suggesting that you grace us with some sunshine - and make Winter super short...:0) Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." 

~Robert Byrne

IMG_6237 copy.jpg

This is a photo from one of our nicest days this fall. I've been promising this photo for one of my friends for the past 5 months and I finally got around to it. I seem to see a shift in some of my work in the Winter months. I also think as an artist, I like texturizing and layering images in the Winter -- Kind of like how I love to dress in layers and keep all cozy in the cold....I think I just said that textures are cozy. Yes, sometimes they make me feel all warm and fuzzy...