European Journey // Amsterdam

Hello Friends!

I'm currently sitting seaside on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, where the water is turquoise blue and even though it is too cold to swim, the sounds of the waves alone are enough to relax. The sun is coming in hot through the window and I have the tiniest bit of an internet connection, so I thought I would do a little bit of blogging.

I decided to take this trip a few weeks ago. No real plans, just meeting my friend in Amsterdam and then traveling onto Italy. It's been quite fun! In true Eliesa fashion, within hours of landing in Amsterdam, I lost 100 Euro (literally, it's like a $100 bill went poof, lost...), my converter didn't work with my hair dryer, so I not only blew that up, but I also blew all of the fuses in the flat, you know - all klutzy little things that happen to me on a daily basis.

My time in Amsterdam was quite short, but very fun! It was freezing, like seriously cold, but I'm from Minnesota, so I could handle it, right?!? This whole trip has actually been on the chilly side, so I've been living in jackets and hats, but I'll also take 30, 40 or 50 degrees over 1 degree any day! Amsterdam is adorable. The city is made for biking, which I love, but I also felt like I got the chance to experience life from a 'local' stand point. I stayed in an apartment with some new-found-friends and we went to the market to get ingredients for dinner, which cooking is one of my all-time-favorite things to do, so I was very happy about staying in! I learned that one of the Dutch have a huge liking to sandwiches, specifically just bread, butter and cheese. It's something so simple, but so. damn. good; especially with the cheeses they have there!

Amsterdam overall is very cute. The people there seem to be very active and happy. Since the city is built on canals and it's literally freezing, the waterways are packed with people ice skating, playing hockey and even going to get a drink from a pub on the water (really, it's a boat that is iced in, so they turned it into a bar...with Abba blaring from the speakers...brilliant!)

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Hope you enjoyed a few photos from Holland! Next stop, Rome.


p.s..Happy Valentines Day to you all!