Life, Business and Montour

For the first summer in years, I feel like I've been able to have a life! This is thanks to my crew, especially our studio manager Liz, and finding our groove as a team! I've also really embraced the taking-time-for-your-actual-life concept and have finally done things this summer that I've always wanted to experience, like Rock the Garden and Pride, but I'm always too busy. However, one of THE highlights of the summer has been having one of my best-friends-ever in town for an entire MONTH! Yes, Miss Sara Montour has graced us with her presence and we have simply had SO much fun!I am so grateful to have this girl in my life - she balances me out, makes me laugh harder than anyone else, and even watches The Bachelorette with me (guilty pleasure, yes!) Sara lives in Tacoma, WA now, so having her here is a special treat - and again, a welcome reminder to how important it is to really focus on our lives, just as much as our businesses sometimes.

Can I get a high-five and a hell yeah?