Passion Project // New Art on Society 6!

Last summer, I was attending a small gathering and I saw this AWESOME piece of wall art, that featured some simple words, in one of the most beautiful fonts I had ever seen. I was incredibly drawn to the piece and asked the owner where he got it. "Oh that? It's just my handwriting, I just made that one afternoon." I was totally in awe of this hidden talent that my friend, and talented designer, Mitch Kelly, had. A few weeks later, I just couldn't get that piece out of my head and I also felt like his handwriting was just too gorgeous to keep  to himself. I know I wanted him to make a special piece of art for me, and I also thought, "If I am so in love with this, why not share it with the world?" So, I called up Mitch, and we decided to collaborate on a special little side-project together. The idea is simple and it's just something we have been working on, little by little, on the side. We are both incredibly busy people, but this has turned into a little passion project that we are now ready to share with you all! Our designs can be seen, and purchased on my Society 6 page! Thru this website, you can purchase these lovely scripts for your iphone case, wall art, stationary - and even clothing or a cool tote bag! To make this even better, Society 6 is also offering free shipping, worldwide, from now until this Sunday!