Te Quiero // Freedom

I've been thinking a lot about the word Freedom lately and just how much depth this little word brings to my life. I talked about it at Elevate and even wrote a little on it in yesterday's blog post, but I just feel like there is so much more to say. I was having a conversation with Ms. Montour yesterday and we were talking about how cool it is that our lives are pretty spontaneous. I mean, one day we will be in our studios editing photos, and the next we will be whisked away to a far off location for a shoot, or maybe to just catch up with a friend! We are always in discovery-mode, which is a beautiful thing, that I really don't think we give ourselves enough credit for - or maybe allow ourselves to partake in as much as we would like. Life brings along giant responsibilities and money that needs to be made, along with running businesses and taking care of clients. It's easier for us to go through the motions rather than to challenge ourselves to create.

A big part of what I preached at Elevate was to simply explore and allow yourself the time to create. I'm about to take a dose of my own medicine here during the month of February, it's my challenge to document love. These might be snippets on my iphone or an actual Te Quiero photo shoot, but the point about this month is all about trying to look around and take the time to document this fleeting feeling we all adore.

I cam across the picture below, and I just thought it fit in so well with everything I am feeling right now! My great friend, Sarah Rhoads took this image of me last year on our girls trip to Moab, Utah. We were all at the base of a gorgeous mountain at sunset, in a field of sunflowers...how could I not just take off my clothes and streak through the field?!?! I mean, really. I was going to keep this one personal, but I also decided to say fuck it. I love this photograph and I think it truly carries the essence of who I am. If I am going to 'document love' for a month, I should most definitely love myself, and I do. I'm a very free spirit, who jumps in head first to everything I do. I run with my ideas and just about every time, I don't fail, because I am solid in my vision, beliefs and direction. I'm constantly challenging myself, sometimes too much for my own good, so now here is my challenge to you: Are you allowing yourself to have a little fun? To not be so overwhelmed with life but to simply let go a little bit and see what amazing things might happen?


Te Quiero // Freedom