Summer Vacation!!

I feel like it's been SO long since I've blogged!! Well, probably because it HAS been! For the first time in YEARS, I finally took the time to go on a summer vacation! I know, I know, I travel all of the time for work and I am very, very lucky to do so! However, there is something SO different about shutting your phone off, not having the internet, spending time in the sun, watching the stars and catching up with family and friends!

It. Was. Amazing!

I feel SUPER refreshed and we are off to Lake Michigan this weekend for a wedding and then I'll be immediately flying out on Monday for the annual MARFA GIRLS TRIP!!! This year, our adventures take us to Moab, Utah!!!

Make sure to check out the our SUPER cool blog next week to see what shenanigans we're bound to get ourselves into...oh yeah...and some kick ass photos as well! 


LOTS to come!