Under Construction!

We have some very big, fun and exciting changes happening around the studio!One of the major changes we are making is updating the Photogen Inc. Website – and let me tell you, it is going to be AMAZING!With the new site, we will be integrating much more for our clients and photographers, including: Vendor Guides & Links LOVEe Consult info & site ELEVATE Workshop info & site Instagram Feed – so you can see all of our shenanigans! Updated Portfolios A SUPER fun new blog!

We’re totally switching up the look to make it a little more clean as well. I am SO excited about this change and I can not wait to launch! We have made some giant strides in the past couple of weeks, yet we still have lots of work to do. Along with the website change, we are also switching servers at this time, so that means that whenever we are working on our new site, our current sites, online galleries and e-mail will be down.

If you ever see our ‘under construction’ page, simply know that we are working on things and we appreciate your patience!

Of course, it’s never ideal to have my e-mail down, so we are trying to work on this late at night or at low-traffic times. If our site is down and you need to e-mail me, please send mail to: eliesajohnson@gmail.com

You are more than welcome to check out our facebook page and twitter account to stay up-to-date on all of the happenings!

Our goal is to get this all up and running in the next few weeks! I’ve posted a little sneak peek of the blog, so far! SO many more cool things to come!