WPPI Party Photos!

Well - today is our last day in Las Vegas and I have a TOOOONNNNN of editing to do on some sa-WEEEEEET photos from photo shoots the past couple days! While we were in town, we had the pleasure of catching up with Jenny and Reed who's wedding B-Funk and I shot this past season!

A little Anti-Workshop Alumni shot...  


What is Vegas without the parties? And who else can party better than photographers? Check out my FRIENDS!!!! It was sooo good to see (and meet) you all!!

Jason Domingues of Domingues Photography Lisa Robbins of Lisa Robbins Photography and Blu Domain Jeffrey Lawler of JNP Studios Dalisa Cooper of ALTF Jennifer Longaway of Jennifer Longaway Photography Paula Luna of Luna Photo My new best friend - Sarah and Chris Rhoads Cesar and Tanya Perez of Perez Photo And my fabulous new friend Brooke Schwab of Brooke Schwab Photography  0004WPPIparty.jpg

This is a crappy photo. However, it pretty much sums up the current state of all of our feet right now - Cadence got the worst of it! OUCH!

Mexico - Here we come! Stay tuned for some yummy, yummy shots from our Vegas shoots!