This past week, I traveled to Santa Fe for the BLEND Workshop! The workshop over all was A-FREAKIN-MAZING! It was super unique, because everyone was there to learn from 3 TOTALLY different photographers. I found this very refreshing, because I was able to learn about each business and it really made me think about why and how I do what I do! Instead of learning from just one photographer, we had so many different perspectives and it proved the point that everyone is different, there are no 'right' ways to do things and yet, you can be SUPER, UBER successful - simply being you!

The great and fearless leaders of this workshop were Nate and Jaclyn from The Image is Found, Jose Villa, Jesh De Rox and Tamara Lackey!

We didn't do a lot of shooting at this workshop, which I also enjoyed! It was nice to observe, think and just soak in all of the information and techniques. All 3 speakers have SUCH a different approach with their clients, which made me think about my interaction.

Day 1: Image is Found - We went over branding and RAD-ASTIC imagery.

Day 2: Jose Villa - He discussed marketing, film vs digital and direction.

Day 3: Jesh De Rox - All I have to say is I have never been so emotional in my life! Seriously - sobbing, snot-dripping tears within 10 minutes of talking to this man! INTENSE!

My absolute FAVORITE part about the BLEND Workshop was meeting all of the BLENDees! I can not even begin to express how AWESOME the entire group was! We all got along SO well and were SO close by the end of the week, I definitely have some photog-friends for life!

Since I didn't pick up my camera all that much, here are a few shots!

  IMG_7099.jpg IMG_7100.jpg IMG_7101.jpg IMG_7106.jpg IMG_7120.jpg IMG_7137.jpg IMG_7147.jpg IMG_7152.jpg IMG_7160.jpg IMG_7167.jpg IMG_7168.jpg

So, one of the coolest 'perks' about the Encantado Resort was taking out a benz...on the house!

IMG_7062.jpg sf1.jpg

Now that I have been BLEND-ed, I'm super excited to apply all of the fantastic info to our business!