LOVEe Consults: Heidi Lynn Photography!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting Heidi and we spent the day together for her LOVEe Consult! Heidi is a super fun woman who wears many hats (wife, mom, photographer, friend...the list goes on!), yet she is a person who is passionate and purposeful in everything she does!

During our time together, we talked about many things from life and love to business and art, but I realized that we are both super passionate about creating honest imagery. Now, I know you have heard me talk about this a lot already - it all started during my talks at ELEVATE, but I really, truly believe that getting back to lifestyle imagery with raw emotion, feeling and energy is where our industry is headed - and what our clients are craving.

The wedding photography industry goes through trends and phases and then you have the classics whose work is so beautiful that years later, the industry is still talking about it. When it comes to being an artist, we have choices. It's super easy to look at other's work and reproduce is, basically spot on. From styling to processing, you can see that it's HOT and you can make it happen! It's a more difficult route to find your own personal style and quietly bring that to the table. This takes a lot of soul-searching and utter practice of our craft, but without a doubt, greatness happens and that is so much more rewarding, knowing that you have found your space, your pace, your groove and your style as an artist - it's simply beautiful!

IMG_2274.jpgHeidi Untitled-1.jpg

Heidi - Congratulations for taking the leap and putting in the time to learn about yourself, your work and your potential! You are a beautiful woman and an amazing artist who is going to really come to life - you're ready...and you know what I mean!

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