MINNeSHOP // Lighting 101!


It's that time again!! During the winter months is the perfect time to focus on continuing education, pushing your skills and getting inspired for the year ahead! This next MINNeSHOP is all about lighting and it will be geared towards the basics of how to use your speedlights, as well as studio lighting. If you are a wedding photographer that struggles with how to use your flash during a reception, than this workshop is perfect for you! If you are also interested in using studio lighting, but maybe haven't had the opportunity to play with professional grade equipment, than this is also the perfect place for you!

This MINNeSHOP will be a two-day workshop, and true to MINNeSHOP form, each day will be a 1/2 day, so about 3-4 hours.

The cost for this MINNeSHOP is $250 for both days and it's a package deal. (In other words, you must sign up for both days.)

Here's the Scoop:

Tuesday, February 28th: Reception / Working with Speedlights. Time: 11am - 2pm Location: 331 Club 331 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN

This portion of the MINNeSHOP will be held in a dark dark bar, and you bet, we will be having a few beers! The goal is to help teach you how to effectively use your flash's on and off camera to create gorgeous dance/reception images, even in the harshest, darkest scenarios!

Wednesday, February 29th: Studio Lighting Time: 11am - 3pm Location: 514 Studios 514 N 3rd Street, #101 Minneapolis, MN

The second day will be held in a professional photography studio. We will go over the basics of studio lighting, as well as have stations set up for you to experiment with various lighting set ups!

We have a TON of fun stuff in store for this MINNeSHOP, so we hope to see you there! Again, this workshop is called lighting 101 for a reason, so if you're a super-hero at lighting already, this probably isn't for you. However, I've been asked again and again as to how DO you actually use your flash at receptions, so the hope with this workshop is to technically teach the basics of lighting to help you gain confidence both on the dance floor and in the studio!