Operation Inspiration: Snow Shoot!

Yes! It is time for another 'Operation Inspiration' episode! These little missions are to help us all push our limits with our cameras and shoot things we normally wouldn't - even in the dead of winter! A couple weeks ago, the Photogen Inc crew went out to photograph some Minnesota Winter Landscapes. However, we stumbled upon an abandon building that totally had a blair-witch feeling to it - complete with a dead rabbit and mummified cat! We also explored the Back Forty, which was a ton of fun!The most interesting part of this shoot for me was seeing everyone's images. We were all in the same place, shooting the same things, but we all have such a different perspective on things! Check it out...

Eliesa's Images:

0001Snowshoot.jpg 0002Snowshoot.jpg 0004Snowshoot.jpg 0005Snowshoot.jpg 0006Snowshoot.jpg 0007Snowshoot.jpg 0008Snowshoot.jpg 0009Snowshoot.jpg 0010Snowshoot.jpg 0011Snowshoot.jpg 0012Snowshoot.jpg 0013Snowshoot.jpg 0014Snowshoot.jpg 0016Snowshoot.jpgBrandon's Images:0018Snowshoot.jpg 0019Snowshoot.jpg 0020Snowshoot.jpg 0021Snowshoot.jpg 0022Snowshoot.jpg

Ryan's Images:

0024Snowshoot.jpg 0025Snowshoot.jpg 0026Snowshoot.jpg 0027Snowshoot.jpg 0028Snowshoot.jpg 0029Snowshoot.jpg 0030Snowshoot.jpg

Eli's Images:

0031Snowshoot.jpg 0032Snowshoot.jpg 0033Snowshoot.jpg 0034Snowshoot.jpg 0035Snowshoot.jpg 0036Snowshoot.jpg 0037Snowshoot.jpg

Cadence's Images:

0038Snowshoot.jpg 0039Snowshoot.jpg 0040Snowshoot.jpg 0041Snowshoot.jpg 0042Snowshoot.jpg

The Crew!