Almost Taymous!!

I would LOVE to introduce you all to a fabulous new blog - Almost Taymous! I met Tamara (pronounced Tay-mar) about a year ago while photographing her brother's wedding with Brandon and we were instant friends! This. girl. is. hilarious!

Right after her brother's wedding, she lost her 'dream job' and was a bit conflicted as to what she should do next. She knew what she loved and she knew what she was good at...and all of a sudden it came to her, a blog. She channeled all of her energy into putting it together and I must say, I think it is going to be a hit!

Tamara loves everything celebrity, fashion, and trends. She is also always hot-on-the-gossip and never holds back her honest opinion about whatever is the latest hot-topic.

For her blog, she wanted to do a 'spoof' of celebrities', which she asked me to shoot. Our goal was to make them super sarcastic and cheezy, which I think we achieved! ;0)

I highly encourage you all to check out Almost Taymous and in her own words:

"After closely following the ups and downs of the lives of celebrities, it is clear that being famous has its price. So I will move in a slightly different direction, since anyone can be famous these days, only one can be Almost Taymous."

taymous0001.jpg taymous0002.jpg taymous0003.jpg taymous0004.jpg taymous0005.jpg

Here's to following your dreams!