Aurora and Brian!!!

Aurora is a little firecracker - and I LOVE her!!! I met Aurora earlier this year, when she was recommended to me as a designer for our fabulous new re-brand. Finding the perfect designer can be a daunting task, but the second I met her, I knew it was true love and she knew exactly what I was about!

Brian is the calm in their relationship - and it is the perfect balance, since these two have been married for 7 years! I asked them what the secret to 7 years was and they said, "Laugh and be Nerds..." Alright, I'll take that advice and run with it!

I also have to give major props to these two for supporting local fashion: Brian's jacket is by Laura Fulk and Aurora's dress is by Joynoelle!

aurblg0001.jpg aurblg0002.jpg aurblg0003.jpg aurblg0004.jpg aurblg0005.jpg aurblg0006.jpg aurblg0007.jpg aurblg0008.jpg aurblg0009.jpg aurblg0010.jpg aurblg0011.jpg aurblg0012.jpg