Cadence Cornelius // Portraits

Many of you might recognize the subject of my blog post today! It's the one-and-only Cadence of Cadence and Eli, who is a former member of our Photogen Inc crew! She is a fabulous photographer who has gone off on her own to pursue her dreams and I couldn't be more proud! It is SO rewarding for me to see our assistants grow and come into their own as artists and photographers! I was thrilled when Cadence asked me to take these photos for her website - so much fun! Now, not that this job was particularly hard at all - CC is a genuine beauty who's also a knockout on the camera!static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F4d78f8091a2cb%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=0&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=976&show_height=651

Congratulations to Cadence! We are so proud of you!