Lilliana - 1 Year Old!!

I have been photographing little Lilli since WAY before she was born! It all started with her parents getting married - then while she was in the belly - and NOW she is 1 year old!!! The DeLeon's have been coming in for monthly sessions for Lilli's first year and I can not say enough about how cool this experience as been! I've gotten to see this little cutie grow up, and capture it along the way, but the best part is that Lilli and I are friends! That's right - I am friends with a 1 year old! Seriously, each time she came in for her session, she automatically lit up for me and I just LOVE photographing her!

Here are some of my favorites from the past year - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLI !!!!

lillie1year0001.jpg lillie1year0002.jpg lillie1year0003.jpg lillie1year0004.jpg lillie1year0005.jpg lillie1year0006.jpg lillie1year0007.jpg lillie1year0008.jpg