Rockstar Boudoir Photography: Part 1!

This year's Rockstar Boudoir Photography Event was a GREAT success! All of the ladies who took party in the night-o-fun were super cool, super hot and up for absolutely anything! We also had a bunch of fun rocking out to some LOUD music and sipping some bubbly! I host this event each year for 2 reasons:

  1. To have a TON of fun
  2. To empower women and make them feel beautiful!

This year, we kept the event in the studio, with a simple white background. All of the inspiration I pulled was very influenced by fashion and Polaroid film as well, along with grainy b&w - let me know what you think! Enjoy!!!

RB0001.jpg RB0002.jpg RB0003.jpg RB0004.jpg RB0005.jpg RB0006.jpg RB0008.jpg RB0009.jpg RB0010.jpg RB0011.jpg RB0012.jpg RB0013.jpg RB0014.jpg RB0015.jpg

Special thank-you to Brynn and Lisa for their expertise on hair + makeup!

Stay tuned for more hot photos tomorrow!