The Little L's!

I would like to introduce you all to Lily and Liam...also known as the Little L's! I hardly ever post baby/children/family photos on my blog, but these two have a very special place in my heart and I just had to share a couple images with you all!

Kelley and Nate are two of my all-time favorite people and I am just SO happy for these two! Not only are they amazing friends, but they also make THE most adorable babies!

A little fact-o: Lily and Liam are 2 months old now, but weren't suppose to be born for another 3 days from now....they were super-preemies, but they are sure strong little buggers with a lot of personality!

lilliliam0001.jpg lilliliam0012.jpg lilliliam0013.jpg lilliliam0004.jpg lilliliam0005.jpg lilliliam0006.jpg lilliliam0007.jpg

Congratulations to Kelley and Nate on the new little ones!