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Lindsay Piram of Lindsay Piram Creative headshotLindsay Piram is the genius behind her new company Lindsay Piram Creative. Lindsay has had a very successful career as an event stylist and is now launching her own company! Let me start off by saying that Lindsay is SO much fun! This girl knows how to throw a party and bring a ton of personality into your event. Whether it's a birthday part, a wedding or maybe you are simply looking for a stylist to collaborate with on re-designing your home, Lindsay is your girl! Her style is very bohemian inspired, with lots of colors and very design oriented. We wanted to catch up with Lindsay and hear all about her new direction and what inspired this incredible designer!




Q. How did you start Lindsay Piram Creative and how long have you been planning /designing weddings?

A. I started my event career in Miami in 2004 and have been planning and designing weddings and events in Minneapolis since 2007. I started LINDSAY PIRAM CREATIVE in January 2012. After working at a premiere event firm in Minneapolis for 5+ years, I decided it was time to go on my own. I was at point in my life and career where owning my business was the right thing to do. I can set the pace and take on events that really resonate with me as a designer.

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Q. What were the first steps a couple should take in designing their big day?

A. First off, I think it is important to discuss the overall budget. A planner can help you make sense of what things cost in our market and allocating amounts to different categories. This way, your designer is showing you things you can actually afford to have and that make sense in the big picture. Knowing what your budget is inclusive of is important too. Things change and your budget could go up or down during the planning, but having a range is helpful to work within. Secondly, I think it is important to reflect on your style as a woman {and your groom as a man} as well as a couple. I like to look at couple’s bridal registries to see what they’ve chosen. Is it modern? classic? whimsical? all three? These style preferences are really important to me as I begin to style and design your day.

Q. How do you help your clients choose your vendors?

A. We have amazing vendors here in the Twin Cities. It's not hard to do! When it comes to products and rentals, my job is to have my finger on the pulse of the inventory in our industry, locally and nationally, so that I know where to find what we need, at the price we need it at. That said, I help select vendors that I think have similar styles, personalities and their products align with the style we’ve identified for the couple. You cannot put a circle in a square ... the really trendy avant-garde photographer just might not be right for our traditional, romantic bride, and that's OK. We can find a photographer {florist, stationer, etc.} that just fits from jump.

Q. What kind of resources did you use to gather inspiration for your weddings?

A. Inspiration is everywhere. The first place I look to for inspiration is the couple themselves. Interviewing them, getting to know them, seeing them in action together...that right there is golden when it comes to articulating who they are into their wedding day. I like to know the best meal they've ever had, where they met, their favorite films, the book on their bedside table. All this really helps me get going on their design. From there, I find personal design inspiration of course at museums, architectural digests, nature, theater. Children’s art really inspires me in its expressiveness. Flea markets, antique stores and restaurant menus inspire me. I follow some really amazing people on Instragram and love the rawness that comes through in their amateur photos. Wedding magazines don't do it for me, it's like wedding plagiarism.


Q. Describe the difference between a wedding planner and designer? Where do you fall in this?

A. I began my career as a planner who designed. Now I see myself as a designer who plans. Design to me is innate. It’s who I am. But of course, you cannot design without a plan. You can create a really amazing bar facade but if people cant get a drink, you failed. Both are equally important. Your wedding should look amazing but your guests should also feel amazing, and this is where planning and design collide.

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Q. What was your philosophy in investing in the details of your day {money wise}? What were the priorities for your clients?

A. Every couple prioritizes things differently. We discuss this in our first meeting. Rank photography 1-10. Rank floral 1-10. Items with high rankings tend to get more of the budget because they mean more. Spend where you feel like you are getting a great return. Don't spend a ton on one thing because you think you should or are “supposed to”. Hiring a planner early on in your planning process will help you make sense of your budget and what things cost in real time. Ask questions, get quotes, compare and contrast.

Q. Describe the perfect 'Lindsay' Couple.

A. The perfect couple for LINDSAY PIRAM CREATIVE is one who appreciate design and what it can do for an event. A couple who want their personalities to emerge in their wedding and who want people to walk into the room and say “wow, this is so {Melissa and Dustin}”. A couple who pick vendors because they know they know.

Q. When it comes to choosing a venue, what are the most important things to keep in mind?

A. I've always said, pick a venue that you like as is. Anything we add is a bonus. Don't pick a venue solely on price or location if you hate the maroon carpet and brass sconces. I can't make those go away {oh, how i wish i could}. We can spend a ton of money covering them up, but at that point you should have chosen the venue that was a little further out of the way that you loved + a bus. What catering options each space has is important too. Some you can choose any caterer, a few from a list of preferred or you are required to use the in-house caterer. This is very important to consider when you are thinking of your event comprehensively, not just from the design perspective. Lastly, what comes with your venue is important to consider and can save you money {or cost you money}, depending. Are tables and chairs included? What do they look like? What are the labor, delivery and details? Ask questions and read contracts carefully.

Q. What advice do you have for brides who are planning a stylish wedding that incorporates so many details?

A. Hire someone to take care of those details so you {or your mom, or your sister} don't have to! Its important to stay organized, manage your planning timeline and FOCUS ON WHATS IMPORTANT {i.e., each other!}


Q. What are some innovative trends in weddings right now?

A. A huge trend is creating living spaces within your space. To bring that residential quality to your event through furniture groupings, lamps and chandeliers. Its that pop of unexpected when someone walks into a tent and they see what looks like a living room. Its comfy and cool and helps people relax and enjoy. Long communal tables are very now {and have been for a bit}. They create an intimate atmosphere and from a design perspective, they look amazing. Custom, boutique bars, maybe just serving Manhattans, for instance. Cool signage, cool glassware, funky bar front. Its that simple attention to detail that really wows. Nostalgic nods:  s’mores, candy, popsicles, popcorn. All these treats we enjoyed as children and enjoy indulging in. Guests have fun with it and all can be presented in cute and clever ways. And mid-century anything. Its my current love and makes everything just a little cooler.


Q. Hiring a wedding planner and designer in Minnesota is a bit of a new concept. Why is this important?

A. A planner can help you every step of the way....keeping you in budget, managing your timeline, telling you what to do when. A planner will pay for themselves with all the money you save by doing things right the first time and the potential savings they can pass on to you through their relationships with local vendors. Day of, they allow you to enjoy and focus on things that your groom and your guests. A designer will help make your day you by sourcing and styling, ultimately illustrating the book of love you have written.

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